Vision, Mission, PEO's & PO


Develop competent Civil Engineers to offer excellent professional and community services regionally and globally.


To inculcate knowledge based Civil Engineering education amongst the graduates to empower them with necessary skills and values required for higher education, research and industry for their comprehensive acceptance at global level.


After completion of this program,  graduates will be able to:

P.E.O. 1  Demonstrate application of modern engineering tools and fundamental concepts of structural engineering for designing Civil Engineering structures. 

P.E.O. 2 Independently analyze socio-industrial problems and provide feasible solutions through critical thinking and research. 

P.E.O. 3  Have successful career in different sectors of Civil Engineering Industry and technical institutes through life-long learning.


After completion of this program,  graduates will be able to: 

  1. Acquire in depth knowledge to practice structural engineering globally and develop competency to integrate it by evaluating, analyzing and synthesizing for enhancement, 
  1. Develop ability to analyze complex research problems through critical thinking and experimentation independently, 
  1. Appraise structural engineering problems and provide optimal solutions considering techno-socio-economic-environmental aspects, 
  1. Identify and define weird problems, gather data, generate and prioritize a set of alternative solutions and implement it with relevant national and international standards, 
  1. Use modern tools and techniques, skills, instrumentation and software packages necessary to predict and solve complex engineering activities with understanding of their limitations, 
  1. Perform efficiently with others as a part of collaborative and multidisciplinary team, 
  1. Apply engineering and management principles for successful accomplishment of projects , 
  1. Communicate effectively with written, verbal and visual means, the design and research outcomes to stakeholders, 
  1. Recognize the state of the art need and will be able to engage in lifelong learning, 
  1. Develop professionalism as a structural engineer by adopting ethics, social responsibilities and understanding the impact of result on sustainable development; 
  1. Learn by self mistakes and eventually rectify the same independently.