Vision & Mission


Develop competent Civil Engineers to offer excellent professional and community services regionally and globally.


To inculcate knowledge based Civil Engineering education amongst the graduates to empower them with necessary skills and values required for higher education, research and industry for their comprehensive acceptance at global level.

Program Educational Objectives (PEO’s)- UG

 The program will prepare graduates of Civil Engineering to

  1. Achieve high level technical expertise to succeed in all positions in Civil engineering practices and research (Construction practice, Research work)
  2. Pursue higher studies to foster their learning and understanding in an ever widening sphere of technology (Higher studies, Self-study)
  3. Sustain latest practices in analysis, design, construction techniques, project management and entrepreneurial ability. (Entrepreneurship, major challenges, Placement)
  4. Exhibit high ethical standards, professionalism, leadership and commitment through life-long learning. (Ethics, Professionalism, Commitment)

Program Outcomes - UG
      On completion of this Civil Engineering program students will be able to

  1. Apply knowledge of Basic Sciences, Mathematics and engineering fundamentals,
  2. Identify, Formulate and solve Civil engineering problems,
  3. Function effectively as an individual and in a group with the capacity to be a leader or manager as well as an effective team member,
  4. Interpret social, cultural, and environmental issues for sustainable development,
  5. Analyze and design civil engineering structures,
  6. Apply the techniques, skills and Civil engineering tools necessary for engineering practice,
  7. Recognize the need to undertake lifelong learning, and retain the capacity to do so,
  8. Deliver technical material through oral presentations and written papers/reports,
  9. Develop engineering research ability, project and finance management skills.
  10. Apply ethical principles and commit to professional ethics and responsibilities and norms of Civil engineering practice.
  11. Design solutions for complex Civil engineering problems for public health and safety, societal and environmental considerations.
  12. Select and use appropriate engineering techniques and software tools to analyze civil engineering problems with understanding of limitations.