Facilities Created

The following facilities are created over the last three years span to strengthen the curriculum and/or meeting the POs.

  1. Experienced and senior faculties were appointed for PG Programme to strengthen the knowledge and skill level of PG students.
  2. Tech Project lab is provided to carry out their dissertation work.
  3. Department library facility is made available in addition to the central library.
  4. To encourage students to take industry sponsored projects to create more placement opportunities.
  5. Students are encouraged to select core industries for field training to find the research problems in industry.
  6. Workshops are arranged for PG students to address the contemporary issues in the field of power system and to formulate quality dissertation problems.
  7. Industry visits are organized to get industry exposure.
  8. Software like MATLAB, MiPower and ANSYS are included in the laboratories.
  9. Students are made aware of ethical responsibility through plagiarism check of their seminar and project reports through ‘Turnitin’ software.
  10. Renewable energy laboratory facility is created by providing wind and solar energy set-ups.