Library membership is free to all students, faculty and staff of the RIT Rajaramnagar. The membership is also offered to RIT Rajaramnagar Alumni, Industrial and Corporate Houses, Engineering Educational Institutions, RIT  retired faculty and officers, and other professionals on payment of fees as per details below:

Membership Category


Membership Fee

Services Offered

Daily Membership


Rs. 20


Alumni Membership

Rs. 2000/-

Rs. 1000                ( Yearly )

Reference and Borrowing

Professional Membership

Rs.2500/-            (refundable)

Rs.2,000/-           ( Yearly )

Reference and Borrowing

Professional Membership 2

Rs.2000/-                  (refundable)

Rs. 2000/-           ( Yearly )

Reading Hall

Institutional Membership

Rs.10,000/- (refundable)


Reference, consultation & Borrowing

Corporate Membership

Rs.7,000/- (refundable)

Rs. 7,000/-

Reference and Borrowing