Activities 2016-17

RSF 2016:

Theme for RSF 2015 -  “Engineering  Education for Multifaceted Engineers”.

The respective tracks were:

  1. Arts in Engineering Education.
  2. Entrepreneurship in Engineering Education.
  3. Resiliency in Engineering Education.

ISF 2017: Indian Student Forum

Theme for ISF 2016-  “Infinite Engineering”.

The respective tracks were:

  1. Sanitation and Water Infrastructure.
  2. Basic Education.
  3. Agriculture and Food.

Safeguarding the Environment.

FTP 2017: Facilitator Training Program

Theme: “Empowering the Millennials”.


  1. Making Energy Affordable and Promote Environmental Sustainability.
  2. Building Innovation and Infrastructure for Sustainable Cities and Communities.
  3. Achieving Universal Primary Education.