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Dr. V. K. Nassa

Dr. V. K. Nassa

Associate Professor

Department:Computer Science & Engineering

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Ph. D. (Computer Science and Engineering)(2013/2014)

Singhania University/VeerBhadur Singh Purvanchal University

MCA / M.Tech. (ECE) (2004/2006)

M. D. University (Rohtak) / P.T.U (Jalandhar)

B.E. (Electronics) (1990)

Nagpur, University


Teaching Experience: 26 Years

Industry Experience:   05 Years

Research Area(s)

  • Soft Computing
  • Machine Learning
  • Deep Learning
  • Information Security

Key Publications

A) Publications (in international journals)

  • InderjeetKaur · E. Laxmi Lydia · Vinay Kumar Nassa · Bhanu Shrestha · Jamel Nebhen· Sharaf Malebary · GyanendraPrasad Joshipublished a paper ―GenerativeAdversarial Networks with Quantum Optimization Model for Mobile Edge Computing in IoT Big Data”inWireless Personal Communications
  • U. Muthuraman ,R. Shankar, Vinay Kumar Nassa, Alagar Karthick , Chandrabhanu Malla , Amit Kumar , P Manoj Kumar, Robbi Rahim , and Murugesan Bharani published a paper‖ Energy and Economic Analysis of Curved, Straight, and Spiral Flow Flat-Plate Solar Water Collector” International Journal of Photoenergy Volume 2021, Article ID 5547274, 11 pages
  • Arani Rajendra Prasad, Ramalingam Shankar, Vinay Kumar Nassa, Alagar Karthick and Amit Kumar published a Performance Enhancement of Mini Agri-voltaic system for roof top garden” in Environmental Science and Pollution Research
  • G. Reshma, Chiai Al-Atroshi Vinay Kumar Nassa B.T. Geetha Gurram Sunitha Mohammad Gouse Galety & S. Neelakandan published a paper “Deep Learning-Based Skin Lesion Diagnosis Model Using Dermoscopic Images” in Intelligent Automation & Soft Computing, Vol.31, No.1, pp. 621-634, 2022, DOI:10.32604/iasc.2022.019117
  • Thejovathi Murari, L. Prathiba, Kranthi Kumar Singamaneni,, D. Venu4, Vinay Kumar Nassa, Rachna Kohar andr and Satyajit Sidheshwar Uparkar7 published a  paper ―Big Data Analytics with OENN Based Clinical Decision Support System” in Intelligent Automation & Soft Computing, Vol.31, No.2, pp.1241-1256, 2022 DOI:10.32604/iasc.2022.020203.
  • Ajay Kumar Sahu ,vijay Anant Athavale , and V. Saravanan  published a paper ― A Comparative Analysis of Blockchain in Enhancing the Drug Traceability in Edible Foods Using Multiple Regression Analysis  in Journal of Food Quality   Volume 2022, Article ID 1689913, 6 pages
  • J. Faritha Banu a,*, Rupali Atul Mahajan b, U. Sakthi c, Vinay Kumar Nassa d, D. Lakshmi e, V. Nadana  kumar published a paper Artificial intelligence with attention based BiLSTM for energy storage system in hybrid renewable energy sources Sustainable Energy Technologies and Assessments
  • Purnachand Kollapudi,1 Mydhili K Nair,2 S. Parthiban,3 Abbas Mardani,4 Sachin Upadhye,5 Vinaykumar Nassa,6 and Alhassan Alolo Abdul-Rasheed Akej  A Novel Faster RCNN with ODN-Based Rain Removal Technique  Mathematical Problems in Engineering Volume 2022, Article ID 4546135, 11 pages
  • V. Vinodhini; M.R. Sundara Kumar; S. Sankar; Digvijay Pandey; Binay Kumar Pandey; VinayKumar Nassa IoT-based early forest fire detection using MLP and AROC method  International Journal of Global Warming, 2022 Vol.27 No.1, pp.55 - 70 DOI: 10.1504/IJGW.2022.10047278
  • Inderjeet Kaur· Vinay Kumar Nassa · T. Kavitha · Prakash Mohan · Velmurugan Maximum likelihood based estimation with quasi oppositional chemical reaction optimization algorithm for speech signal enhancement Int. j. inf. tecnol.         
  • Vinay Kumar Nassa ―Security Vulnerabilities in Mobile AdHoc Networks” published a paper in International Journal of Science Technology & Management (IJSTM-UGC CARE LIST) (Impact Factor 0.582) Vol. 2, Issue 2 April 20 11 ISSN-2229-6646) pp 67-72
  • Vinay Kumar Nassa & Dr. Sri Krishan Yadav” Project Management Efficiency–A Fuzzy Logic Approach” published a paper in InternationalJournal Of Engineering and Advanced Technology (IJEAT-SCOPUS INDEXED) (ImpactFactor:1.0), Vol1, Isuee-3, Feb-2012 (ISSN2249-8958) pp34-38.
  • Shaily Goyal & Dr. Vinay Kumar Nassa published a paper titled ―A ReView On Routing Protocols Based On Zone Mechanism For Wanet ‖in International Journal of Application or Innovation in Engineering &Management(IJAIEM=SCOPUS INDEX/UGC CARE)(ISSN2319–4847),Volume2 Issue 11,November2013pp 152-154.
  • Ajita Srivastava, Kumar Rahul Dev, Vinay Kumar Nassa published a paper titled ―Energy Conservation in Wireless Sensor Network ‖International Journal Of Enginee ring Sciences & Research Technology (IJESRT /UGC INDEX 2019)(ISSN:2277-9655) Vol 2 (11), November 2013.
  • Vinay Kumar, Prof. (Dr.) C.Ram.Singla Paper Titiled ―Enhanced Adhoc On Demand Multipath Distance Vector For Manets" at-JATIT has been published in peer reviewed and indexed [SCOPUS, EBSCO, DOAJ, ULRICH, , DBLP, Google Scholar, Itrc, Nlm Cat, Creaa, Iisj, TOC, CSJ, CASC, Microsoft Academic Search, Cabell Publishing, INSPEC, Openjgate, IAOR, Palgrave Macmillan, Pro Quest, etc]Journal Of Theoretical And Applied Information Technology (E-ISSN1817-3195/ISSN1992-8645).pp3184-3188.
  • Anuradha Malik, Prof (DR.) Vinay Kumar Nassa Mr. Kapil Chawla paper titled ” A Multi Parameter Scheme to Enhance a Network Life in Wireless Sensor Network’s ”published in International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Science and Software Engineering (IJARCSSE-SCOPUS COVERAGE-2018 TO 2020)Volume4, Issue 8,August 2014 ISSN:2277128X
  • Manita, Prof (DR.) Vinay Kumar Nassa Mr. Kapil Chawla paper titled‖ Improving AODV Protocol by Nature Inspired Technique Against Black hole and Grey hole Attacks in MANETs ”published in International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Science and Software Engineering (IJARCSSE-SCOPUS COVERAGE-2018 TO 2020)Volume 4, Issue 8, August2014 ISSN:2277128X
  • Vinay Kumar, Prof. (Dr.) C. Ram. Singla Paper Titiled “ Ad Hoc On Demand Multipath Distance Vector For Manets Using Fire Fly Algorithm" at-IJAER has been published in peer reviewed and indexed [SCOPUS, EBSCO etc]International Journal of Applied Engineering Research ISSN0973-4562 Volume 10, Number 17 (2015) pp 13159-13167 (May 2015) Published by Research India Publications :: : (UGC APPROVED_Journal No. - 64529)

B) Publications (In International Journals Impact Factor)

  • Vinay Kumar Nassa and Sri Krishan Yadav .,“ Project Management Efficiency using Soft Computing and Risk Analysis. ”International Journal of Computer Applications 50(IJCA)(ImpactFactor: 0.952)(16):17-22,July2012. Published by Foundation of Computer Science, NewYork, USA
  • Kamani Jaswal Prof .(Dr) Vinay Kumar Nassa and Jyoti, ” Literature Review of IEEE 802.16 (WiMAX) Implementation in OPNET ”International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Science (IJARCS) (ISSN No.0976-5697) Volume 5, No.6, July-August 2014
  • Vinay Kumar C. Ram. Singla and Chirag. “ Space Time Block Code Analysis for MIMO OFDM System” International Journal of Computer Applications (0975–8887) Volume100–No.3, (IJCA)(ImpactFactor: 0.952)(August 2014 Published by Foundation of Computer Science, New York, USA
  • Charul Dhawan, Prof .(Dr.) Vinay Kumar Nassa, Ms, Maneela Bhugra ‖Review On Vehicle Routing Problem Using Ant Colony Optimization ‖International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Science(IJARCS) (ISSN No. 0976-5697) Volume 5, No. 6, July-August 2014
  • Mahima Vinay Kumar Nassa and. Maneela ,“An Improved Leader Selection Approach for Improving Network QoS ” International Journal of Computer Applications (0975 – 8887) Volume 101– No.11, September 2014 P(IJCA)(ImpactFactor: 0.952)(Published by Foundation of Computer Science, New York, USA)


C) Publications (In Indian Journals)

  • Vinay Nassa ―Fuzzy Logic–Six Sense Machine ‖RIMT– Journal of Strategic Management & Information Technology, (ISSN 0975-5438)-pp.33-35, Jan-March 2004.
  • Vinay Nassa ―Nano Robots – Medicine of Future ”RIMT–Journal of Strategic Management & Information Technology, (ISSN 0975-5438)-Vol2, pp. 32-33, April – June 2004.
  • Vinay Nassa ―VLSI Neural Processors Based Upon Optimization Neural Networks ‖RIMT–Journal of Strategic Management & Information Technology (ISSN 0975-5438)-, Vol3, pp.34-37, July-Dec2004.
  • Vinay Nassa and R.P.Singh ―Evolutionary Computing- A Learning Paradigmin Neural Networks”RIMT–Journal of Strategic Management & Information Technology, (ISSN 0975-5438)-Vol1-2,pp.75-82, April - September 2005
  • Dr. C. Ram Singla, Dr .B. M .K Prasad and Vinay Kumar Nassa “Internet Applications : As Of The Computing Approach” published a paper in Dronacharya Rehesearch Journal Volume I Issue II Jan- June 2010 (ISSN0973-3389) pp72-78.
  • Vinay Kumar Nassa, Chandra Shekhar Singh and Nitin Jain ―OFDM Implemented Binary Phase Shift Key-Need For Wireless Communication” published a paper in Dronacharya Research Journal Volume II Issue July-Dec 2010(ISSN0973-3389)pp70-74.
  • Dr. C. Ram Singla and Vinay Kumar Nassa ―Information Security System: Soft Computing Techniques” published a paper in Dronacharya Research Journal Volume III Issue I Jan – June 2011(ISSN0973-3389) pp63-67.
  • Vinay Kumar Nassa ― Wireless Communications : Past, Present & Future” published a paper in Dronacharya Research Journal Volume III Issue II July-Dec 2011(ISSN0973-3389)pp50-54.
  • Prof, (Dr,) H, S. Dua and Vinay Kumar Nassa“ Trends in Clouding Technology ”published a paper in Dronacharya Research Journal Volume V Issue I Jan-June 2013 (ISSN0973-3389)pp9

D) Publications /Presentation (in peer-reviewed conferences held in India)

  • Vinay Kumar Nassa. & R.S.Uppal ―Fuzzy Data Management in Mobile Adhoc Networks” paper presented at International Conference on Data Management (ICDM-2008) at IMT,Ghazibad Dated Feb24-25,2008.
  • Vinay Kumar Nassa “Role and Impact of Communication Technologies in Today‟ s Enginneringing Education” presented/ published in conference proceedings(Review of Business and Technology Research Vol. 2, No. 1, 2009, pp. 1-7, ISSN 1941-9414 )at 2009 International Conference On “Global Issuesin Business& Technology” is being organized by Devi Ahilya University Indore,Madhya Pradesh India from 22-24 December in collaboration with University of Maryland Eastern Shore,Frostburg State University,USA at Indore.
  • Vinay Kumar Nassa“ Project Management Efficiency Using Fuzzy Logic” published a paper in conference proceeding (SoftCopy-Scopus Indexed) 4th National Conference, INDIACOM 2010 at Bharati Vidyapeeth‟ s Institute of Computer Applications and Management,NewDelhi,Dated February 25–26,2010 sponsored by AICTE,ISTE,CSI
  • Vinay Kumar Nassa,Mohit Rai“Bringing Wireless Access to the education: A Comparison of Wi-Fi, WiMAX MBWA,and3G” Presented/published a paper(SoftCopy-Scopus Indexed)in 4thNational Conference INDIACOM-2010 at Bharati Vidyapeeth‟s Institute of Computer Applications and Management, NewDelhi ,Dated February 25–26,2010 sponsored by AICTE,ISTE,CSI.
  • Vinay Kumar Nassa & Chirag presented/published (Conference Proceeding pp.178-182)a paper on ―STAR,DSR and ZRP MANET Protocols using QUELNET‖ in 3rdInter-National Conference on ―Evolution in Sciences and Technology and Eyne on Educational Methodologies(ESTEEM-2014)‖ sponsoredbyCSIRegion1&3.on March,8-9,2014 (Saturday-Sunday) at Prannath Parnami Institute o f Management& Technology,Hisar(Haryana)-125001
  • Saurabh Arora , Sushant Bindra , Survesh Singh , Vinay Kumar Nassa Presented/Published a paper “Prediction of credit card defaults through data analysis and machine learning techniques”( Materials Today: Proceedings-Scopus Indexed) at First International Conference on Computations in Materials a: nd Applied Engineering (CMAE‐2021) held during 26‐27th June 2021 Inderprastha Engineering College (IPEC) Ghaziaba
  • Raja Sarath Kumar Boddu ,Partha Karmakar, Ankan Bhaumik ,Vinay Kumar Nassa ,Vandana Sumanta Bhattacharya -Analyzing the impact of machine learning and artificial intelligence andits effect on management of lung cancer detection in covid-19 pandemic Materials Today: Proceedings-Scopus Indexed)-Conference Proceeding
  • Manvinder Sharma.,Pankaj Palta, Digvijay Pandey, Sumeet Goyal, Binay Kumar Pandey & Vinay Kumar Nassahas participated/presented a paper entitled “Modeling & Analysis of Positive Feedback Adiabatic Logic CMOS based 2:1 Mux and Full Adder and its Power Dissipation Consideration” in International Conference On ―Mobile Radio Communications & 5G Networks, (MRCN-2021)”(Singer Leecture Series-Scopus Indexed)organized by University Institute of Engineering & Technology (UIET), Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra from 23rd-24th June, 2021.
  • Rohit Bansal Ankur GuptaDr. Ram Singh Dr. Vinay Kumar Nassa has participated/presented a paper entitled‖ Role and Impact of Digital Technologies in ELearning amidst COVID-19 Pandemic‖( IEEE-Xplor)DOI 10.1109/CICT 53244.2021.00046pp194-200) In 2021 Fourth International Conference on Computational Intelligence and Communication Technologies (CCICT 2021) Organized jointly by The Karkonosze State University of Applied Sciences in Jelenia Góra, Poland' and 'BM Institute of Engineering and Technology, Sonepat, INDIA' BMIET Campus, Sector 10, NCR, Sonepat (HR) INDIA
  • Ankur Gupta Ram Singh Vinay Kumar Nassa Rohit Bansal Priyanka Sharma Kartikey Koti Investigating Application and Challenges of Big Data Analytics with Clustering 2021 International Conference on Advancements in Electrical, Electronics, Communication, Computing and Automation (ICAECA) | 978-1-6654-2829-3/21/$31.00 ©2021 IEEE | DOI: 10.1109/ICAECA52838.2021.9675483
  • K.Sharma,Nasir Abdul Jalil,Vinay Kumar Nassa,Shashank Reddy Vadyala,L Sahaya SenthilDeep learning Applications to classify Cross-Topic Natural Language Texts Based on Their Argumentative FormProceedings of the Second International Conference on Smart Electronics and Communication (ICOSEC).IEEE Xplore Part Number: CFP21V90-ART; ISBN: 978-1-6654-3368-6
  • K Srinivas.,V Harsha Shatri,Vinay Kumar Nassa,Gudapati Syam Prasad,Prathipati Ratna KumarDiscernment and diminution of black hole attack in mobile ad-hocnetwork using artificial intelligenceJournal of Physics: Conference Series 2021 | conference-paper DOI: 10.1088/1742-6596/2040/1/012037

E) National Conference

  • Vinay Kumar Nassa “Evolving Neural Networks” Paper presented at National Conference on Emerging Technology and Application (ETA- 2005) at 1-2 October 2005 jointly with Computer Science Department of Saurashtra Uni Rajkot held at Sangali(M.S.)
  • Vinay Kumar Nassa “India Speeding on IT-Enabled Services presented/Published a paper at RIMT–IMCT in National Seminar on Financial Services(ISSN 0975-5438)-Growth and Challenges Ahead”dated18-19November 2005.
  • Vinay Kumar Nassa,Dr.R.K.Sharma “Soft-Computing: Tool for Recruiting “presented a paper at RIMT–IMCT in National Seminar on Services Sector Management (Sponsored by AICTE–NewDelhi) Dated March 9-11,2006.
  • K.Nassa& R.S.Uppal ―Fuzzy PA-SHORT Routing for mobile Adhoc Networks presented a paper /published in conference proceeding in National Conference on Wireless (WOC–2007) at Punjab Engineering College, Chandigarh Dated December 13-14,2007.
  • K.Nassa “Empowering WIMAX Net working in Education” presented a paper in IInd National Conference, INDIACOM-2008 (Conference Proceeding ,ISSN0973-7529) Bharati Vidyapeeth Institute of Computer Applications and Management NewDelhi ,DatedFebruary08–09,2008.
  • Vinay kumar Nassa ―Soft-Computing :New Dimensions Towards Consumer Appliances (Review) presented paper /published in ( conference proceedings at Dronacharya College of Engg.(Gurgaon)) in National Seminar on Artificial Intelligence(Sponsored by AICTE–NewDelhi) Dated July17th200
  • Vinay kr. Nassa , Ms. Meha Sharma presented their paper on “Asymmetric And Symmertric Multi Processors (A Comparativestudy)”at seminar onTRENDS IN VLSI DESIGN AND EMBEDDED SYSTEMS at KIITCollege of Engineering,Gurgaon in association with Professiona lActivity Centre (KIIT,Gurgaon), (I.E.T.E and C.S.I) on 22-23 January 2010
  • Vinay Kumar Nassa Presented a paper“Future of Electronics & Communications-Changing Aspects of Lifein National Conference on ― (NGT-E&C) Next Generation in Electronics & Communication on 20 Aug .2010at Dronacharya College of Engg.(Gurgaon)
  • Vinay Kumar Nassa & P. Patnaik published (Absract in Conference Proceeding)/Presented a paper on “Informationn Theory Bottlneck in MANET at National Conference on Emerging Trends in Wireless Communication (NCETWC-2011) at Regiona College fo r Education and Research (Jaipur)in association with (IEEEMTTS-India Council) and IETE Rajasthan Chapter on 26-27 Mar2011.

F) Book 

i) Book Published

B) Book Chapters

Sr .No. Chapter No.                 Topic Bookname Publisher
1 Chapter 12 Innovation and Creativity for Data Mining Using Computational Statistics Methodologies and Applications of Computationa lStatistics for Machine Intelligence DOI:10.4018/978-1-7998- 7701-1 IGIGlobal book series (Scopus)
2 Chapter 7 SecureText Extraction From Complex Degraded Images by Applying Steganography and Deep Learning Multidisciplinary Approachto ModernDigital Steganography DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998- 7160-6.ch007: IGIGlobal book  series (Scopus)
3 Chapter10 An Integration of Keyless Encryption, Steganography,              an Artificial Intelligence for the Secure TransmissionofStegoImages Multidisciplinary ApproachtoModern DigitalSteganography DOI:10.4018/978-1-7998- 7160-6.ch010 IGI         Global        book series(Scopus)
4 Chapter2 A Novel Neuro-Fuzzy System-Based Autism Spectrum Disorder Artificialintelligence for accurate     analysis                  anddetectionofautismspectrumdisorder DOI:10.4018/978-1-7998- 7460-7.ch002 IGIGlobalbookseries (Scopus)
5 Chapter13 A Systematic review of 5GOpportunities, Architecture andChallenges Future Trends in 5G and6G Challenges,,Architecture, andApplications         CRC Press(Taylor&FrancisGroup) (Scopus)
6 Chapter19 Effective and Secure Transmission of Health Information UsingAdvanced Morphological Component Analysis and Image Hiding Lecture Notes in Computational Vision and Biomechanics Artificial Intelligence on Medical Data pp 223–230 DOI: 10.1007/978-981-19-0151-5_19 EID: 2-s2.0-85135064781 Part of ISSN: 22129413 22129391 EAI/Springer Innovations in Communication and Computing (Scopus)
7 Chapter3 Software-Defined Networking-Based Ad hoc Networks Routing Protocols Modern Technique for Interactive Communication in LEACH-BasedAd Hoc Wireless Sensor Network  pp 55–73 DOI: 10.1007/978-3-030-91149-2_3 EID: 2-s2.0-85125075242 Part of ISSN: 25228609 25228595 EAI/Springer Innovations in Communication and Computing (Scopus)
8 Chapter 22 Modeling and Analysis of Positive Feedback Adiabatic LogicCMOS-Based 2:1 Mux and Full Adder and Its Power DissipationConsideration Mobile Radio Communications and 5G Networks  DOI: 10.1007/978-981-16-7018-3_22 Mobile Radio Communications and 5G Networks pp 281–295 (Scopus) (Springer)

Professional Distinctions

  • Membership of professional bodies
    • Advance Computing Machinery (ACM)
    • Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) 
    • Computer Society of India (CSI)
    • LMISTE
    • MIANGE
    • MIEEE
  • Achievements / Awards
    • Registered consultant in Consultancy Development Centre, New Delhi, Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, Govt. of INDIA.
  • Attended a meet “SPARSH-2007” at Gurgaon on 13-14th Feb.,2007 organized by M/S Tata. Consultancy Services. The theme for this year was ―Empowering students to make more reasoned career choices”.
  • Attended a workshop on ―Citation Analysis, Impact Factor, Patent and Copyrights for Maximizing Research Impact‖ organized by PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry on 5th May 2014 at PHD House, New Delhi

Key Research Projects

  • Completed successfully Research Project on “Fuzzy PA SHORT routing for mobile Adhoc Networks” funded  by LBSIM,Delhi from Aug2006-July2007
  • Ph. D. Guide-ship : -Nil-
  • National / International funded projects

Completed successfully Research Project on “Fuzzy PA SHORT routing for mobile Adhoc Networks” funded  LBSIM,Delhi from Aug2006-July2007 funded by LBSIM-1,25000(Successfully Completed)