Computer Science & Engg


Ms. A. K. Ingale

Ms. A. K. Ingale

Assistant Professor

Department:Computer Science & Engineering

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PhD (Perusing)

VIT Vellore

M. Tech (CSE) (2010)

Dayanand College of Engineering (VTU)

B.Tech (CSE) (2008)

Appa Institiute of Technology (VTU)


Teaching Experience: (7 years)

Research Area(s)

  • 3D reconstruction, HCI, AR/VR

Key Publications

A) Publications

  • R Mukesh, SK Penchala, Anupama K Ingale," Ontology based zone indexing using information retrieval systems" International Conference on Advances in Computing, Communication and Control. 2013.
  •  Anupama K Ingale,Savita P Patil, Sandeep A Thorat 2015 "Designing Curriculum of IT: A Journey", Proceedings of the International Conference on Transformations in Engineering Education
  • Rajesh Dontham, Savita P Patil, Manoj A Patil, Anupama K Ingale, 2016 Educating ITEngineering Theory Courses Using BLOOMS Taxonomy (TC-BT) as a Tool and Practical Courses Using Magic of Making Mistakes (PC-MoMM): An Innovative Pedagogy", Journal of Engineering Education Transformation
  • Anupama K Ingale, Nagaraj V Dharwadkar, Pratik Kodulkar2016 "Universal Steganalysis using DWT and Entropy Features", International Conference on Signal and Information Processing (IConSIP)
  • Tanvi Vijay, MohitAnand, Anupama K Ingale, DivyaUdayan J2019 "The Impact Analysis of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality" EducationAdvances in Science, Technology and Engineering Systems Journal
  • DivyaUdayan J, Anupama K Ingale. " A Framework for the Detection and Tracking of Human Palm and Fingertips with Depth Information" Synergy’19, A National Technical Symposium.
  • DivyaUdayan J, Anupama K Ingale, R Hemalatha 2019 "A Prototype Model of Hand Assistive System Useful for Hearing Impaired" , Intelligent Systems Design and Applications, Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing, vol 940, pp.620-628.(SCOPUS Index)
  • DivyaUdayan J, Anupama K Ingale 2020 "Gesture Based Interaction in Immersive Virtual Reality: A Case Study" 2nd International Conference on Artificial Intelligent, Automation, Engineering and Information Technology on May 2020.
  • Anupama K Ingale, DivyaUdayanJ ," Real-time 3D Reconstruction Techniques applied inDynamic Scenes: A Systematic Literature Review, Computer Science Review Journal.
  • Neha Balasundaram, Anupama K Ingale, Divya Udayan J, “Virtual Reality based Therapy to Mitigate ADHD”, Journal of Psychology and Education, Vol.57, Issue (9), pp.1334-1341, Jan.2021

Professional Distinctions

  • ISTE Member

Key Research Projects

  • In Department of Software/ VR Lab at Konkuk University on "3D point Cloud Semantic Segmentation using Deep Learning Techniques"