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Year 2022-23

Sr. No.

Name of Program Resource Person Organized by Date Organized for Student / Faculty


One day technical event “Technosphere 2k22” under CSESA Activity Guest- Mr. Ravikumar Naik, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai Mr. V. S. Mokashi Ms. P. G. Bendre 16/11/2022 60 Students


2-days Workshop on “Data science with Python” Mr. Rohan Takey , iElectron Technologies, Pune Mr.T. S. Ruprah Ms. Shelly Sinha 15-16/10/2022 40 Students


Design iOS apps Ms. Mantasha Shaikh, Front End Developer, iHealWell Whizlt , Pune Ms. V. T. Lokare 01/012/2022 TY= 29 Students


Parent – Teacher Meeting -- Ms. V. C. Deshmukh 02/12/2022 ---


One day workshop on “ Digital Marketing” Mukesh R Prajapati, Founder Mukesh academy of Photograph and film making Ms. V. T. Lokare 09/12/2022 SY and TY (73+92)=165 Students


Expert Lecture on “Concurrency control and database security recovery” Mr. Sadanand S. Howal, Front End Developer, Hado Info System, Pune Mr. V. S. Mokashi 07/01/2023 TY =98 Students

Year 2021-22

Sr. No. Name of Program Resource Person Organized by Date Organized for Student / Faculty
1. Online Faculty Development Programme (FDP) on “Elevated Analytics: Blockchain deals with Big Data” (22nd Nov – 01st Dec 2021) 1. Dr. R.B.V. Subramaanyam (NIT Warangal)
2. Dr. R. Padmavathy (NIT Warangal)
3. Dr. S. S. Patil
Department of Computer Science and Engineering, of RIT, Sakharale(MH) in association with NIT Warangal (Telangana) under the scheme of Electronics and ICT Academy sponsored by Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Govt. of India.
Dr. S. S. Patil
Mr. Taranpreet Ruprah, Mr. P. A. Dharmadhikari
22/11/2021 to 01/12/2021 Faculty (50+ participants)
2. One day workshop on “Advanced Web Technology Concepts” Under lead college activity, Shivaji University Mr. Akshay Jadhav
5 TechG Company, Sangli
Ms. V. T. Lokare
Mrs. S. S. Patil
16/11/2021 36 Students
3. Binary coding contest 2K21 CSESA Event -- Ms. V. C. Deshmukh 22/11/2021 109 Studnets
4. Fresher’s Welcome CSESA Event Chief Guest Dr. N. V. Dharwadkar
Dr. A. P. Shah
Ms. V. C. Deshmukh 08/01/2022 100 Students
5. AICTE-ISTE Induction/Refresher programme entitled “Intelligent Technologies for Autonomous Vehicle Systems” 1. "Dr. Damodar Reddy, Associate Professor,CSE Dept, NIT, Goa"
2. "Dr. K. C. Vora, Sr. Deputy Director and Head ARAI academy"
3. "Venkatesh Mane,  Assistant Professor ,  KLE Technological University, Hubali "
4. "Dr. Gitanjali R. Shinde, Assistant Professor,  Computer Engineering, VIT, Pune"
5. "Dr. Parikshit N. Mahalle Vishwakarma Institute of Information Technology,  Pune"
6. "Dr. Ashish Paramane, (SMIEEE), NIT, Silchar, India"
7. "Dr. Sanjeev J. Wagh, Professor & Head, Information Technology, GCE, Karad"
8. "Dr. Sanjeev J. Wagh, Professor & Head, Information Technology, GCE, Karad"
9. "Dr. Manoj Kumawat,  Assistant Professor,  NIT, Delhi"
10. "Dr. Manoj Kumawat,  Assistant Professor, NIT, Delhi"
11. "Dr. J. E. Nalawade,  RIT, Rajaramnagar"
12. "Dr. Venkata Karteek,Assistant Professor,Thaper Institute of Engineering and Technology"
13. "Dr. P.J.Kulkarni ,  RIT, Rajaramnagar"
14. "Dr. S. S. Patil , RIT, Rajaramnagar"
15. Dr. Prabha Nissimagoudar, Associate Professor,  KLE Technological University, Hubali
16. "Dr. Nalini lyer, Professor,  KLE Technological University,Hubali"
17. "Dr. Akash Kulkarni,  Professor,  KLE Technological University, Hubali"
18. "Mr. AkshayKumar M. Pardhi,  Process Executive at NVIDIA"
19. "Mr. Vinay Honmar,  AVR  Technology PVT. Ltd, Pune"
20. Dr. Amit Vishwasrao Salunkhe, Assistant Director ERO Camp Office,AICTE,New Delhi
21. Mr. Pranav Gurav, ,Startup Fellow at AICTE, New Delhi
22. Prof. Vijay D. Vaidya, Executive Secretary, ISTE
Mrs. Snehal S. Patil, Dr. J. E. Nalavade,
Department of Computer Science and Engineering, of RIT, Sakharale(MH)
14/01/2022-20/01/2022 88
6. Two Days Workshop on “Scientific Programming Using Python” Dr. S. S. Patil &  Prof. A. M. Jagtap Dr. S. S. Patil &  Prof. A. M. Jagtap 11/12-03-2022 55
7. Internal Smart India Hackathon (SIH) 2022 -- Mr. A. S. Mali 26/03/2022 42 students from all branches
8. Two Days Workshop on “Problem Solving Skills using C programming” Under Lead College Program 1. Mr. P. A. Dharmadhikari,
2. Mr. A. M. Jagtap
Mr. P. A. Dharmadhikari,
Mr. A. M. Jagtap
17-18/03/2022 50 Students
9. One Day Workshop on “Placement Preparation Series -1...C++ Programming Basics to Advanced” Under Lead college Activity 1. Ms. V. T. Lokare
2. Ms. C. H. Khambalkar
Ms. V. T. Lokare
Ms. C. H. Khambalkar
26/03/2022 80 Studnets
10  Two Days Workshop on “Fundamentals of AI, ML and DS” Under Lead College Program 1. Dr. N. V. Dharwadkar
2. Mr. P. A. Dharmadhikari
3. Mr. K. B. Pawar
4. Mr. A. M. Jagtap
Mr. P. A. Dharmadhikari, Mr. K. B. Pawar and Mr. A. M. Jagtap 27-28/03/2022 70 Students
11  Guest lecture on Biology for Engineers Dr. Mandar Malawade,
Physiotherapy Dept. of KIMSDU, Karad
Mr. T. S. Ruprah
Mrs. A. R. Gavade
21/05/2022 48 Students (TY)
12  Parent meet SY and TY Class Ms. V. C. Deshmukh 01/06/2022 --
13  2 days Hands-on Workshop on " Technical Documentation using Latex Software" M Tech Dr. Sujit A. ( Electrical Dept.)
Mrs. G. G. Shingan
Mr. A. S. Mali
Mr. D. P. Kshirsagar
Dr. S. S. Patil
24-25/06/2022 80

Year 2020-21

Sr. No. Name of Program Resource Person Organized by Date Organized for Student / Faculty
1.        One day Online Workshop on " Shades of Interactive Online Sessions" Dr. S. S. Patil Dr. S. S. Patil 06/09/2020 Faculty
2.        Virtual Skill Enhancement Program Week For Geeks Dr. S. S. Patil Mr. S. S. Howal Dr. S. S. Patil Mr. S. S. Howal 15-29/09/2020 Students
3.        Two days online workshop on “Build Real World Websites”  1.Akshay Jadhav(Technical Head at 5TechG Lab LLP) 2. Uday Barkade (Research Head at  at 5TechG Lab LLP) 3. Abhishek Kulkarni (Dev-Ops  at 5TechG Lab LLP) Mr. A. M. Jagtap 11/12/2020 Students
4.        One Day Workshop On “Curriculum Development” Mr. Satish Pathak, Mr. Satish Dhavalagi Dr. Shrirang Kulkarni. Mr. D. P. Kshirsagar 06/01/2021 Faculty
5. Ten Day Faculty Development Program on “Elevated Analytics: Blockchain deals with BigData” In association with NIT Warangal. Under MeitY, GOI From NIT Warangal
1.Prof. Radha Krishna 2.Prof. R.B.V. Subramanyam 3. Dr. R. Padmavathy, 4. Dr. U. S. N. Raju
From Industry
5. Mr. Mohit Bhatla 6. Mr. T. Ram 7. Mr. Jeevan Saini 8. Mr. Ghan Vashishtha
Dr. S. S. Patil, Mr. P. A. Dharmadhikari, Mr. Taranpreet Singh Ruprah 22/11/2021– 01/12/2021 Faculty

Year 2019-20

Sr. No. Name of Program Resource Person Organized by Date Organized for Student / Faculty
1.      One day Hands-on based workshop on " Tableau-Visualization Tool" Mr. Purushottam Nivaskar, Proprietor, Speegile, Mumbai Mrs. G. G. Shingan  Mr. S. S. Patil 14/09/2019 B. Tech and M. Tech . Students
2.     Two days workshop on “Advanced Web Technology Concepts: MEAN” Mr. Swapnil Pawar, Assistant Professor, K J Somiaya COE, Mumbai Mrs. V. T. Lokare Mrs. G. G. Shingan 05/10/2019 B. Tech
3.     5 Day workshop on “Basics of Python Programming” Under CTL. Dr. S. A. Thorat Assoc.Professor (CSE) Mr. A. M. Jagatap Assistant Professor (CSE) Mr. A. A. Powar 01-05/ 01/2020 All students
4.    Expert sessions on “Industrial Requirement and Opportunities” 1. Mr. Ajit Jagtap, CTO, MKCL, Ltd.Pune. 2. Mr. Amit Ranade, GM, MKCL, Ltd.Pune. 3. Mr. Sameer Pandey, Joint MD, MKCL, Ltd.Pune. Dr. S. S. Patil 02/01/2020 Faculty
5.     An Expert Session on "Image Processing Application" Dr. P. Shivakumara, Faculty of Computer Science & Information Technology, University of Malaya, Malaysia Mrs. S. S. Patil 21/02/2020 Faculty and Student
4.      One day Session on “Rational Database management” Mr. S. S. Sawant, Scripthub Software, Pune Mr. S. S. Patil 22/02/2020 T. Y. B. Tech.
5.     Two days Hands-on workshop on "Scientific Programming using Python" on in RIT under RIT-CTL Mr. A. M. Jagatap Assistant Professor (CSE) Dr. S. S. Patil Assistant Professor (CSE) Mr. A. M. Jagtap and Dr. S. S. Patil 28-29/02/ 2020 Student
6.      One Day Industry Expert Session on “Freelancing Concepts and its Importance” under ISTE, CSI and IEEE Student Chapter Mr. Amit Ranade and Mr. Soumyaranjan, MKCL, Pune. Dr. S. S. Patil, Mrs.. G. G. Shingan 28/02/ 2020 Student
7.      Technosphere 2k20 Mr. Amol Nitave, ESD Leader for RPG foundation ( Chief Guest) CSE Dept. 02-03 /03/2020 Student
8.      Online Alumni Meet 2020 --- Mr. A. S. Mali 03/05/2020 --
9.     RIT Hackathon 2020 Mr. Mohan Mohgaonkar Bharat Forge Pvt. Ltd., Pune (chief guest) Dr. Santosh Honnagunti Chief Operating Officer Hansen Technologies, India (chief guest) Dr. A. K. Kannur Mrs. V. T. Lokare Mr. S. U. Mane Mr. S. S. Howal 27-28 /06/2020 Student

Webinar / Online Sessions organized

Year 2019-20

Sr. No. Name of Program Eminent Speakers Organized by Date Organized for Student / Faculty
1.      Online Training on “Zoom Web Meeting” Dr S. A.Thorat, Assoc. Professor, CSE- RIT Mr. D. P. kshirsagar Assistant Professor, CSE- RIT   Mr. D. P. Kshirsagar 04/04/2020 Faculty
2.     Session on Open Source Platform-GitHub Mr. Chandrashekhar Gaikwad Senior Software Engineer at Sail Point Ltd. Pune Mr. A. S. Mali 01/05/2020 B. Tech
3.     Session on Choosing IIP Track and its benefits Ms. Manali Jadhav Assistant System Engineer at Tata Consultancy Services Limited, Pune Mr. A. S. Mali 02/05/2020 B. Tech
4.     Session on Choosing IIP Track and its benefits Mr. Shreyas Patankar  Software Engineer at Emtec Ltd, Pune Mr. A. S. Mali 02/05/2020 B. Tech
5.     Session on Basics of Android and its features  Prof. R. J. Mandale Assistant Professor, Department of CS & IT Mr. A. S. Mali 05/05/2020 B. Tech
6.     Session by Industry Expert on ASP.Net, MVC 5 (Design Pattern), Entity Framework Mr. Aviraj Nayakawadi Senior Software Developer at Zensar Technologies, Pune Mr. A. S. Mali 08/05/2020 B. Tech
7.     Session on Cyber Security Awareness Prof. M.N. Mulla Assistant Professor, Department of CS & IT Mr. A. S. Mali 11/05/2020 B. Tech
8.     Session by Industry Expert on Innovative Technologies in IT Industries Mr. Rahul S. Gaikwad (Industry Expert) Staff (Principal) DevOps and Big Data Engineer at FireEye Inc., Pune. Mr. A. S. Mali 16/05/2020 B. Tech
9.   Four Days Webinar Series on “Future-Vision: Marriage of AI and Block” in association with IEEE Bombay Section, ISTE and CSI Chapter. 1. Mr Abhay Phanskar, Senior Member IEEE and Chair–IEEE Mumbai section, Corporate Strategy & Technology Consultant 2. Prof. Dr. Sandeep Kumar Shukla,CSE- IIT Kanpur, Former Head and co-directing the “National Blockchain Project” funded by the National Security Council of GOI 3. Mr Ali Mustufa, A P Shah Institute of Technology, Mumbai- Google Certified Educator, Lead Ambassador for IEEE Collabratec, Organizer TensorFlow UserGroup Mumbai 4. Dr. P J Kulkarni, Walchand College of Engg. – Sangli, Former Dy. Director & ML expert 5. Dr S. S. Patil, CSE- RIT 6. Prof. Ras Dwivedi, Senior Student Research Associate in the National Blockchain Project, CSE- IIT Kanpur 7. Prof. Dr. Anuradha Thakare, PCCOE- Pune & Secretary of IET-Pune LN 8. Mr. Rahul Gaikwad, Accenture, Pune, Senior UI Developer 9. Dr. Rekha Ramesh, Head – ETX Dept, Shah & Anchor Kutchi Engineering college, ISTE – CSI Member 10. Mr. Sumit Patel, Project Engineer on the National Blockchain, CSE- IIT Kanpur 11. Mr. Chintan Oza, Blockchain Expert,  Member of Executive Council- Bombay Management Association, Member of Executive Council at IEEE Bombay Section & Chair – TEMS at Bombay Section 12. Mr. Atul Marathe, Free-lance consultant and Former Global Business Solution center leader and a VP-Technical role in large organizations 13. Mr. Tanmay Yadav, Student Research Associate, National Blockchain Project -  IIT Kanpur 14. Prof. Santosh Chapaneri, St. Francis Institute of Technology, Mumbai, AI and ML applications experts Dr. S. S. Patil 14-17/ 05/2020 Faculty and Student
10. IUCEE Webinar on topic "Keep Online Sessions More Interactive & Engaged Smartly" Dr S. S. Patil, Assistant Professor, CSE- RIT Dr. S. S. Patil 19/05/2020 B. Tech (ETC and CSE)
11. IUCEE Webinar on topic "Effective Conduction of Online Lectures
using ZOOM"
Dr S. A.Thorat, Assoc. Professor, CSE- RIT Mr. D. P. kshirsagar Assistant Professor, CSE- RIT Mr. D. P. Kshirsagar 21/05/2020 Faculty
12. One Day Webinar on “Shades of Interactive Online Sessions” Dr. S. S. Patil Assistant Professor, CSE Dr. S. S. Patil 07/06/2020 B. Tech
13. One Day Webinar on “Online Teaching & Assessment Tool for OBE and Publications of Papers in Padagogy Journals” Mrs.  V. T. Lokare Assistant Professor, CSE Mrs. C.H. Khambalkar Assistant Professor, CSE Prof. V.T.Lokare and Prof. C.H. Khambalkar 20/06/2020 Faculty and Student
14. Two days “Faculty Enablement program for InfyTQ Platform Awareness” Miss.Yogita R.Kulkarni Assistant Professor, CSE Mr. D. T. Mane Assistant Professor, CS&IT Miss.Yogita R.Kulkarni (CSE) Mr.D.T.Mane (CS&IT) 18-19/07/2020 Faculty and Student

Training program organized 2018-19

Sr. No. Name of Program Resource Person Organized by Date Organized for Student / Faculty
1.      Expert lecture on " Recent industry trends" Mr. Shreekant Bedekar, Capgemini, Pune Mrs. G.G. Shingan 16/07/2018 Final Year B. Tech.
2.         Session on “Cyber Security & current scenario” 1. Mr.Yuvraj Mohite (Police Inspector, Sangli Cyber Police Station) 2. Mr.Vinayak Rajyadhyakshya(Cyber Security System Incharge, Sangli Cyber Police Station )  Mr. S. S. Howal 11/09/2018 Student
3.         Session on " Freelance Technology" Mr. Vinay Thoke, Director, HUESESK STUDIO , Pune Mr. A. S. Mali 22/09/2018 Faculty and Student
4.         Discrete Mathematics Mr. S. M. Kumbhar, Assistant Professor, Dept. of S& H, RIT, Mr. S. S. Howal 28/09/2018 Student
5.         Open Source Days- 1. Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking, Docker container & Git Open Source Days- 2. Fedora women day 1. Mr. Akashay Gaikwad,Python Developer,RED HAT, Pune. 2. Mr. Bhavin Gandhi, Software Engineer, InfraCloud Technologies,  Pune. 3. Mr. Jatan Malde, Assoc. Tech. Support Engg. RED HAT, Pune 4. Mr. Aditya Deshapande, Assoc. Tech. Support Engg. RED HAT, Pune 5. Mr. Yadnyavalkya Tale, Security Researcher & QA,  RED HAT, Pune Mrs. G.G. Shingan 29/09/2018 Student
6.         1. Ms. Parthavi Vala, Quality Engg. RedHat, Pune, 2. Ms. Nikhil Kathole, Asso. Quality Engg. RedHat, Pune 3. Ms. Pooja Yadav , Quality Engg. RedHat, Pune 4. Ms. Amita Sharma Sr. Quality Engg. RedHat, Pune Mrs. G.G. Shingan 30/9/2018 Student
7.         Artificial intelligence Machine learning Mr. Purshottam Nivaskar, Freelancer, Mumbai Mrs. G.G. Shingan 12/10/2018 TY & B. Tech. Student
8.         Workshop on “Effective Project Report/Research Paper Writing Using Latex” 1. Ms. B. K. Ugale 2. Mrs. V. T. Lokare 3. Dr. N. V. Dharwadkar 1.    Ms. B. K. Ugale 2.    Mrs. V. T. Lokare 27/10/2018 M. Tech. Student(41)
9.         Half day workshop on ‘Second year curriculum design” 1. Mr. Rahul Patil, Director, Bentley Systems, Pune 2. Dr. Narayan Gijawane, Asso. Prof. KLE Tech. University, Hubbali,(KR) Mr. D. P. Kshirsagar 26/11/2018 Faculty (16)
10.     One Week Faculty Development Programme on Intelligence of Things 1. Preetham Umarani 2. Dr. Pushpa Patil 3. Dr. Smiriti Bhandari 4. Dr. Damodar Reddy 5. Dr. M. N. birje 6. Dr. R. H. Goudar 7. Dr. N. V. Dharwadkar 8. Prof. S. R. Poojara 9. Prof .S.A.Thorat 10. Prof D. P.Kshirsagar Mrs. S. S. Patil 19-24 /11/ 2018 Faculty (46)
11.     One Day session on How to conduct Theory and Lab courses in CSEIT Dr. Soham Sohani, Associate Director, IUCEE Mr. S. S. Howal 05/12/2018 Faculty (26)
12.     Session on “Freelancing program” Mr. Vinit Vankhede, Expert System Administrator Mrs. V. T. Lokare 29/01/2019 All Branch T. Y. B. Tech Student
13.     Automation and New Technologies in CSE Mr. Rajesh Pawar, Managing Director, Mikro Innotech India pvt. Ltd, Pune Mr. T. S. Kamble 15/02/2019 T. Y. B. Tech
14.     Introduction to LaTex Mr. D. P. Kshirsagar, CSE, RIT Mr. S. S. Howal 14/03/2019 TY B. Tech students of CSE, IT, ETC and ELECT
15.     Two days Industry Expert session on " Machine Learning" Mr. Purushottam Nivaskar, Proprietor, Speegile, Mumbai Mrs. G. G. Shingan and Mr. S. S. Patil 27-28/03/2019 B. Tech and M. Tech . Students
16.     Seminar on " Writing Tier 1 Research articles" Dr. Shivakumara Palaiahnakote, Dept. of Computer System & Technology, University of Malaya, Malaysia Mr. S. R. Poojara 04/05/2019 Faculty and  M. Tech.

Training program organized 2017-18

Sr. No. Name of Program Resource Person Organized by Date Organized for Student / Faculty
1.  Seminar on “Personality Development” Dr. Amol Acharekar Mrs. G. G. Shingan 27/07/2017 T.Y. B. Tech.
2.         RIT Linux User Group (ritinlug) and Seminar on “Open Source Avenues “ 1) Mr. Chandan Kumar,  Software Engg. RED HAT, Pune 2) Mr. Amol Kahat , Software Engg. RED HAT, Pune Mr. S. R. Poojara 11/09/2017 S. Y. & T.Y. B. Tech.
3.         Seminar on “Changing Trends in IT Industries” 1) Mr. Sameer Pande, Senior General Manager,MKCL, Pune 2) Mr. Vivek Sawant, MD and CEO MKCL, Pune. 3) Mr. Ajit Jagtap Chief Technological officer, MKCL, Pune Mr. A. S. Mali 25/09/2017 Final Year B. Tech
4.         Seminar on “Changing trends in Android operating System” Mr. Santosh Patange, CO-Founder and CTO, AppVishwa  software solutions pvt. Ltd. Mr. A. S. Mali 04/10/2017 T.Y. B. Tech.
5.         Exert lecture on “Design and analysis of algorithm” Mr. A. J. Umbarkar, WCE, Sangli Mrs. G. G. Shingan 07/11/2017 T.Y. B. Tech.
6.         Session on “Intelligent computing” -Dr. Suresh Shanmugasundram-Botho Univeristy-Gaborone Mr. S. R. Poojara 19/01/2018 T.Y. B. Tech. & F.Y. M. Tech. & Faculty
7.         One-week workshop on Cloud computing and Virtualization under Lead college and association with Manjra soft pty ltd, Australia Mr. S. R. Poojara Ms. A. R. Jakhale Ms. G. G. Shingan Mr. S. R. Poojara 6-10/02/2018 All class
8.         StartX workshop RITINLUG members – B. Tech Mr. S. R. Poojara 15/04/2018 All class