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Details of training’s year wise offered to students.

          Being an Autonomous, Rajarambapu Institute of Technology, Rajaramnagar has designed and incorporated Choice Based Curriculum structure for Engineering and MBA students by keeping in view the need of current Global scenario. The choice based structure includes developments,


Languages like,

    1. Japanese
    2. German and
    3. English Proficiency are incorporated in the curriculum of First-year Engineering Students. Wherein students need to select one language for study.
    4. In addition, 2 electives are offered to F.Y. students.

Professional Skill Development courses like,

    1. Personal Effectiveness and Body Language
    2. Interpersonal Skills
    3. Leadership and Public Speaking,
    4. Corporate Competency
    5. JeevanVidya Mission-“work-life balance” are included in the syllabus to make students competent enough in their career.
    6. JeevanVidya Mission-“work-life balance” subject addresses on aspects like how to create a work-life balance, relationship problems, and other day-to-day challenges
    1. For Third Year students, Program Electives are included in the curriculum.
    2. Students can select one program elective from given list as per their requirements and interest.
    3. Also, Scholastic aptitude is made a part of the third-year syllabus to assess logical reasoning or thinking about the performance of students.

For Final Year students,

    1. Trainings for attending Group Discussions
    2. Personal Interviews
    3. Mock Interactions
    4. Technical Tests
    5. Aptitude revision Tests and
    6. Company specific tests both online and offline are thoroughly conducted on a regular basis.

Result analysis, counselling sessions are conducted and the scope for improvement is imparted on the students for getting placed in the Multinational Companies visiting RIT in the Final Year of Engineering.

Placement IRC 01

Mock interviews of students to improve their confidence to face campus placement interviews

Placement IRC 02

Interactive session of Mr. Sourabh Kulkarni who has completed MS & pursuing Ph. D. at UMass Amherst USA on 14th January 2020

Placement IRC 03

Resume writing workshop for B. Tech. Automobile Engg. students conducted by Prof. Kanhaiya Powar

Placement IRC 04

Workshop on Group Discussion & Interview Skills

Placement IRC 05

Special orientation session by Head-Training & Placement to final year students.

Placement IRC 06

Placement IRC 07

Placement IRC 08

Placement IRC 04