Vision & Mission


To be a globally recognized institute committed to excellence in academics, research, knowledge creation and delivery to develop socially-responsible professionals.


  • To provide innovation and excellence in academic design, delivery and assessment to ensure holistic development of students for employability, entrepreneurship, and higher education
  • To design and keep the curricula updated, based on changing needs of industry and society worldwide, and to provide experiential learning through industry connect
  • To be at the forefront of emerging technological research, innovation and creation of intellectual property to attract talent
  • To retain talent by building relationships based on professionalism, mutual respect, accountability, engagement and integrity
  • To leverage alumni to inculcate leadership skills, social awareness and a passion for lifelong learning to make students socially-responsible global citizens
  • To build and maintain world-class infrastructure, and adopt modern automation technologies for the purpose of organizational efficiency
  • To identify alternate sources of revenue and augment inflows 

Core Values of Institute:

  • Practice What We Preach: Total transparency in behavior and dealing with each other. For, we do what we say and say that which we could do.
  • Joy of Learning: Learning is effective life preparation, leaving a sound foundation, we believe this cannot happen unless one loves learning; really enjoys it.
  • Each one can Excel: We believe everyone is potentially gifted. We are there for enkindling the latent potential to achieve our dreams and goals
  • Fairness & Equality: When nature has taken care that each species has some added advantage over there to ensure equality, we must demonstrate it. It will remove mistrust; will not let discrimination of any kind.
  • Cooperation: Together we stand; divided we fall.
  • Honesty & Sincerity: Self-conscious is best judge for moral merit. Let’s not be small in our own eyes.

Quality Policy:

We are committed to impart quality education in Engineering & Management keeping in mind global trends and the needs of the industry in a rapid changing environment.