Lead College

The Scheme of Lead College: Broad Outline
LET US Join Hands With mutual understanding and sincere efforts for Quality Assurance to face the challenges of the globalization, privatization, liberalization and computerization of our Higher Education

The last decade of the last century witnessed the sweeping effect of the globalization, liberalization, privatization and computerization of our public and private sector organizations. It is due to the impact of the amazing development in the field of information communication technology. The World Bank, the World Trade Organization, the International Monetary Fund, the International Agreements like GATT have made 'global competition' inevitable and imperative. Foreign Universities have challenged our traditional system of Higher Education. It has compelled us to strive hard for equality, assurance and excellence in our Higher Education. One of the most significant measures of Total Quality Management in Higher Education is the concept of 'Lead College'.

A homogenous cluster of 10 to 15 colleges within an area fostering inter- institutional co-operation for overall development of all of them is the basic principle behind the concept of the 'Lead College'. The concept is based on the belief, "Efforts of each and welfare of all".

In western countries 'Lead Colleges' are now a matter of routine activity. But for us, it is a very recent idea still to be talked about. Our mission is to make our colleges and the institutions of HE (Higher Education) achieve nationally and internationally acceptable standards.

The Concept:
The following items constitute the total concept of 'Lead College Scheme'.

  • The Objectives.
  • The role of a 'Lead College'.
  • The role of the University.
  • The formation.
    •   a. The composition of the 'Lead College Apex Committee' at the University level.
    •   b. The composition of the Working Committee at 'Lead College' level.
  • The criteria for the selection of a 'Lead College'.
  • Identification of 'clusters'.
  • The administration of a 'Lead College'.
  • The financial implications.
  • Annual Budget of a 'Lead College'.
  • The Accounts of a 'Lead College'.