Drone Club

Drone club is a Technical platform for students to share their ideas, collaborate with each other to come up with unique solutions and work in teams to prepare drones as well as robotics based technical projects and cultivate technical plus soft skills along the way. Drone club was established in 2018 by Students of RIT and has continuously been developing drones and sharing knowledge through various activities. The objective of drone club is to develop interest in Robotics, Automation, Artificial Intelligence and Cloud computing among the students of RIT and provide a platform and resources to experiment effectively  with these technologies. Drone club allows students to apply theoretical knowledge in meaningful practical applications. Students develop their non-technical skills through various activities such as Brainstorming sessions, Workshop instruction and collaboration with other clubs.

Successful project execution through personal development is the main objective of the club.


“ To develop full-fledged Drone ecosystem comprising of Cloud, Artificial Intelligence and advanced Drones for aerial monitoring and analysis, and share the knowledge along the way! ”


  • Provide a platform to learn and experiment on diverse technologies in Robotics, Drone technologies and Artificial Intelligence.
  • To build advanced and autonomous drones.
  • To make students capable of designing, building, programming robotic systems, drones and peripheral systems.
  • Share knowledge through Workshops, awareness sessions and collaborations.
  • To participate in robotics based competitions

Core Project Coordinators

Faculty Coordinator: Prof. R. T. Patil

Faculty In Charge: Prof. A. M. Mulla

Sr. No. Name PRN Designation
1 Ashutosh Hanamant Patil 1806067 Student Head
2 Digvijay Deepak Mahamuni 1910043 Technical Head
3 Pranavanand Vivekanand Patil 1806028 Project Coordinator
4 Swaroop Gopal Shinde 1805038 Project Coordinator
5 Vijay Dhanaji Babar 1905023 Project Coordinator
6 Dhwij Makarand Patil 2003038 Member
7 Vikram Dhananjay Salunkhe 2003030 Member


  • Developed 2 drones
  • Assisted 2 capstone projects
  • Significant contribution in development of RIT incubated Start-up (O-Robot)
  • Conducted 2 workshops on “Quadcopter Drone”
  • 1 workshop on “Object Oriented Programming in C++”.
  • 1 Autonomous drone under progress
  • Mentored and looked after over 90+ F.Y. mini-projects (Engineering Exploration).


Sr. No. Name Designation
1 Gaurav Mane Alumni mentor
2 Piyush Mahamuni Founder
3 Ankur Shinde Founder
4 Rushikesh Khot Founder
5 Ganesh Kokate Founder
6 Shubham Powar Founder
7 Shreyas Kurundwadkar Founder
8 Abhijeet Varude Founder