Oyster Kode Club

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Establishment Year : 2020

CLUB REPORT(2023-24)



  • What is Oyster Kode Club :

     Oyster Kode Club is a highly valuable and beneficial initiative for its members. In addition to focusing on technical skills, the club is also dedicated to enhancing the non-technical abilities of its members, such as communication, leadership, and management skills. This well-rounded approach to education and development is highly beneficial for students as it can provide them with the tools and abilities necessary to succeed in their future careers.
The club's various activities, including quizzes, debates, group discussions, coding on different platforms, blog writing, and poster creations, are great opportunities for members to engage and develop their coding skills. By organizing these activities, the club is creating a dynamic and collaborative environment for students to learn and grow in their coding abilities.
Overall, Oyster Kode Club's dedication to providing a holistic approach to project-based learning and development for its members is highly admirable, and we assure that the club will continue its mission of creating a better coding community of students at RIT.

  • Faculty Coordinator:

Prof. A. D. Homkar
Assistant professor, Department of Information Technology , RIT

  • Visions Of the Club

1.    To develop the interest of students in coding.
2.    To enhance student’s technical and non-technical skills.
3.    To help the students in placement preparation.
4.    Clearing the concepts of students related to coding.
5.    To introduce and make the students familiar with different technologies.
6.    Organizing different activities to encourage students and help them, to build a fine personality.

  • Events Conducted till Date

1.    MS-DOS session :


An informative session on MS-DOS was conducted by the club for all the students on 6th June 2022. In this session, students were taught the key concepts of MS-DOS, Working of DOS was shown as well, on command prompt, essential commands were shown. Around 54 attendees were present for the session

2. Workshop : Fundamentals Of Hardware:


The Oyster Kode club, in collaboration with Bubble Byte Ventures, conducted a successful hands-on workshop on computer components for over 50 attendees from FY and SY. The workshop included both theoretical concepts and practical handling of different computer devices such as mouse, keyboard, CPU, etc. During the first half, the attendees were provided with components to handle and taught theoretical concepts. In the second half, the students were shown the internal orientation of different components inside the CPU and other parts. The workshop proved to be very effective, and the students showed keen interest and were able to implement all the demonstrated tasks. Overall, the workshop provided an excellent opportunity for students to gain practical knowledge of computer components, and it was conducted in a professional and organized manner, resulting in a successful event.

3. Coding Competition: Code 404:


The Oyster Kode Club hosted the highly anticipated "Code 404" coding competition, aimed at fostering technical skills among students and promoting a competitive culture. The event, held on Saturday, September 9th, 2023, attracted a total of 72 participants eager to showcase their coding prowess. With three rounds of intense competition, the event aimed to not only enhance coding skills but also instill a sense of competition and drive among the students. Excitement ran high as participants vied for coveted rewards, including cash prizes, certificates, and stickers. The event was a resounding success, achieving its goal of encouraging competitive skills and fostering a passion for coding among the student community.

  • Working of club

Currently a team of 18 members from third year 15 members of second year and 40 members are working under the club. Weekly two sessions are taken for second year members whereas club works daily for 2.30 hrs. during which different activities are taken. Different tasks are assigned to club members for practice.

  • Activities taken in the club


Teaching of different concepts related to programming and other Technologies


Teaching of different concepts related to programming and other Technologies

Competitive Coding using geeksforgeeks


All club members use the GFG coding platform to practice coding problems

Coding Quiz Activity


Coding Quiz activity is one of the interesting activities taken in the club and favorite among students where students must answer the question in given time.



Debate is taken to develop communication skills, critical thinking, and public speaking skills

Group Discussion


Group discussion promotes involvement of students in particular topic, gives opportunities to gain knowledge in depth about the topic and develops communication

  • Student Core Committee Members List


Post Name of Student Mobile Number
President Harshal Vijaykumar Kumbhar +91 7709269398
Vice-president Tanaya Shivaji Shinde. +91 7745026264
Secretary Meet Bharat Bhandari +91 9307545599
Manager Shweta Rajindar Chavan +91 9813112127
Project-Manager Sakshi Sanjay Bhopale +91 7840910538
Project-Manager Suraj Dhanaji Padekar +91 8625861364
Project-Manager Saranga Bhimashankar Kanade +91 9420660891
Event head Shubham Satish Patil +91 7410520904
Event head Ghadage Arjun Dattatraya +91 7058377969
Event head Akanksha Avinash Karape +91 7219286220
Competitive programming Head Sayali Aundhkar +91 7385939810
Competitive programming Head Vishwali Sanjay Mohite +91 9356631725
Financial Head Pooja Tukaram Raut +91 7745824632
Content Head Neha Sambhaji Niruke +91 8055172503
Girls Representative Pranita Sarjerao Thorat +91 8856040648
Outreach and communication head Sanika Vilas Sutar +91 9175864026
Outreach and communication head Sankalp Sambhaji Kamble +91 8530181021
UI/UX Head Saurabh Santosh Takale +91 7773993970