Counseling Cell
Sr. No. Name Designation Contact No.
1 Prof. Dr. Mrs. Sushma S. Kulkarni Director -Chairperson 9970700701
2 Dr. Lalitkumar M. Jugulkar Dean - Student Development, Member 9970700939
3 Mrs. Shailaja K. Patil Personal Counselor, Member 8668408970
4 Dr. Jayashree S. Awati Head,  Student Counseling Cell, Member 8600009767
Department: Automobile Engineering
1 Dr. S. R. Kumbhar HoD 9970700911
Department: Civil Engineering
1 Dr. S. S. Kumbhar HoD 9860639519
Department: Computer Science & Engineering
1 Dr. N. V. Dharwadkar HoD 7757000744
Department: Electrical Engineering
1 Dr. V. N. Kalkhambkar HoD 9422660290
Department: Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering
1 Dr. M. S. Patil HoD 9420796900
Department: Mechanical Engineering
1 Dr. S. K. Patil HoD 9970700790
Department: Information Technology
1 Dr. A. C. Adamuthe HoD 9860015683
Department: First Year Engineering (Science and Humanities)
1 Dr. M. B. Mandale HoD 9970700761

List of Student Counsellors (Mentors):  for the academic year 2020-21.

First Year:

Sr.No. Branch Batch Name of Counsellor Designation
1. Mechanical
Engineering Div A   
Batch: A1 Dr. S. S. Gawade Mentor
2. Batch: A2 Prof. M.V. Kavade Mentor
3. Batch: A3 Prof. B. R. Jadhav Mentor
4. Mechanical
Engineering Div B   
Batch: B1 Prof. S.N. Jalwadi Mentor
5. Batch: B2 Dr. S. D. Patil Mentor
6. Batch: B3 Prof. R.A. Magdum Mentor
7. Civil  Engineering Div C    Batch: C1 Prof. S. S. Kumbhar Mentor
8. Batch: C2 Prof. S. R. Deshmukh Mentor
9. Batch: C3 Prof. R. D. Patil Mentor
10.    Mechanical
Engineering  (Automobile) Div D   
Batch: D1 Dr. S. R. Desai Mentor
11.    Batch: D2 Prof. S. T. Satpute Mentor
12.    Batch: D3 Prof. S. G. Kumbhar Mentor
13.    Electronics and
Telecommunication Engineering  Div E   
Batch: E1 Prof.  S. R. Jagtap Mentor
14.    Batch: E2 Prof.  B. N. Holkar Mentor
15.    Batch: E3 Prof. U. A. Kamerikar Mentor
16.    Electrical
Engineering  Div F   
Batch: F1 Prof. S. S. Kumbhar Mentor
17.    Batch: F2 Prof. K. M. Nathgosavi Mentor
18.    Batch: F3 Prof. A. K. Koshti Mentor
19.    Computer  Engineering    Div G    Batch: G1 Prof. A.N. Pawar Mentor
20.    Batch: G2 Prof. V. T. Lokare Mentor
21.    Batch: G3 Prof. A. M. Jagatap Mentor
22.    Computer Engineering   Div H    Batch: H1 Prof. S. S. Howal Mentor
23.    Batch: H2 Dr. S. S. Patil Mentor
24.    Batch: H3 Prof. A. S. Mali Mentor
25.    Computer Science & Information
Technology Div I   
Batch: I1 Prof. A. B. Patil Mentor
26.    Batch: I2 Prof. N. M. Shinde Mentor
27.    Batch: I3 Dr. Deepak Gupta Mentor
28.    Mechatronics Engineering Div J    Batch: J1 Dr. R.G. Desavale Mentor
29.    Batch: J2 Prof. M.V. Pisal Mentor
30.    Batch: J3 Prof. M. L. Deshpande Mentor