Name Designation Contact No.
Dr. P. V. Kadole Director -Chairperson 9422045539
Dr. L. M. Jugulkar Dean - Student Development, Member 9970700939
Dr. Shailaja K. Patil Personal Counselor, Member 8551838283
Dr. J. S. Awati Head –Student Counseling Cell 8600009767
Department: Automobile Engineering
Dr. S. R. Desai HoD 9970700982
Department: Civil Engineering
Dr. S. S. Kumbhar HoD 9860639519
Department: Computer Science & Engineering
Dr. N.V. Dharwadkar HoD 7757000744
Department: Electrical Engineering
Dr. V. N. Kalkhambkar HoD 9422660290
Department: Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering
Dr. M. S. Patil HoD 9420796900
Department: Mechanical Engineering
Dr. S.B. Kumbhar HoD 9970700772
Department: Information Technology
Dr. A. C. Adamuthe HoD 9860015683
Department: First Year Engineering (Science and Humanities)
Dr. M. B. Mandale HoD 9970700761
Department: Department of Computer Science and Engineering (AI & ML)
Dr. S.S.Patil HoD 9970700925
Department: Mechatronics Engineering
Dr. S. S. Shirguppikar HoD 8308840801
Department: MBA
Dr. H.V. Gaikwad HoD 9422702440