Parent Meet

To let parent aware of different Institutional policies. Also to give them information of different extracurricular activities which the Institute is organizing for overall development of students.

Year 2022-23

During the academic year 2022-23, every department had a Parent-Teacher Association (PTA), and each department conducted Parent-meetings to make parents aware of the current scenario, institute policies, proposed plans, and actions for each semester. Parents actively interacted and appreciated the efforts taken by the Institute. These meetings helped to enhance bonding between parents, teachers, and students.
Throughout the year, two Parent Meets were held for each department, one in every semester, including the E & TC Department, Electrical Department, IT Department, Mechanical Department, CSE Department, Automobile Department, and Civil Department.

Glimpses of Parent-Meet conducted by Departments:


Central Parent Meet Report  
Parent Meet successfully held on 10th June 2023. Ninety-three parents participated in the event. The gathering provided an important platform for fostering collaboration between parents and faculties. all aimed at supporting the students' academic journey.
During the Parent Meet, a special invitation was extended to all parents for their active involvement for students’ progress. As part of the commitment to providing a holistic educational experience, Mr. Pravin Salunkhe, an esteemed alumnus of the 2000 batch Mechanical Engineering program and currently serving as the Additional Commissioner of Income Tax at the Ministry of Finance, Government of India, was invited as the distinguished guest. His valuable presence inspired and motivated the students.
The Parent Meet aimed to provide parents with a unique opportunity to interact with the dedicated faculty members, enabling open discussions and a deeper understanding of their children's educational progress. The event emphasized the importance of collaboration between the institute and parents to create a supportive and nurturing environment for the students' overall growth and development.
Heartfelt gratitude is extended to all the parents who participated in the Parent Meet. Their active engagement and commitment to their child's education are essential pillars of the institute's success.

Glimpses of Central Parent Meet conducted by Departments:



Year 2021-22

Year 2020-21

Every department has Parent-Teacher Association (PTA). In this scenario of online work culture, every department conducted Parent-meet in online mode to let them aware of current scenario, institute policies, proposed plans and actions with respect to the Covid-19 situation. Parent interacted actively, appreciated the efforts taken by Institute. The platform help to enhance bonding between Parent and Teacher and student. Total 19 Parent –Meet were conducted during academic year 20-21.

Glimpses of Parent-Meet conducted by Departments:

ParentMeet 2021 01

Department of Computer Science and Information Technology, Date: 27 February 2021

ParentMeet 2021 02

Department of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering Department, Date: 12 March 2021

ParentMeet 2021 03

Department of Mechanical Engineering, Date: 17 March 2021

Year 2018-19

Analysis of Feed backs Received from Parents:

On 16th Oct 2018, Parent meets was organized. All parents were invited to let them aware of different Institutional policies and inform them about different co-curricular & extra-curricular activities which the Institute is organizing for overall development of students. Feedback of parents was taken during these meetings and analyzed on 1- scale as given below. Parents also expressed their views and gave some oral and written suggestions.

Director, Deans, HOD’s all concerned office bearers were invited, they addressed concern issues raised by parent.

Facility Rating on 1-4 scale % Score
Hostel 2.489362 62.23404
Library 3.444444 86.11111
Computing/Internet 3.031746 75.79365
Curriculum 2.968254 74.20635
Vision, Mission 3.063492 76.5873
Consumers cooperative store 2.777778 69.44444
Office 2.873016 71.8254
Gymkhana 2.825397 70.63492
Teaching learning 3.047619 76.19048
Laboratories 3.047619 76.19048
Cultural Cell 2.968254 74.20635
Training & Placement 2.968254 74.20635
GATE/GRE/German- Japanese Languages etc, trainings. 2.873016 71.8254
Counseling 3.095238 77.38095

Suggestions from Parents:

Sr. No. Feedback Action taken
01 Arrange other activities like development of competitive exam approach Competitive exam cell is arranging lectures for awareness
02 Extra Classes should be arranged Extra classes are arranged for slow learners and re-registered students as and when required.
03 Personal attention to be given A group of student is mentored by senior faculty members to address academic and personal issues.
04 Arrange MPSC/UPSC lectures Regular lectures are organized and mock tests are planed to improve performance of students in Competitive exams.
05 Reports should be given to parents Messages are sent to parents on Mobile.
06 Take care of food provided in mess. Should be clean and hygienic. Faculty members and hostel staff regularly visit different mess locations to check food quality and arrangements.
07 Allow girl students of hostel to go to their home on holidays if required. Girls and boys are allowed to visit their home with prior permission of authorities.
09 OBC scholarship forms should filled in college Arrangement is done digital library of RIT and two trained students under earn and learn scheme are available for support.
10 All is well in college Thanks on behalf of RIT management.
11 Request companies to arrange lodging and boarding for students going for internship. Always requesting but it depends on company policy
12 OBC scholarship for year 17-18 is not received in bank account Its related to government. Proposals are sent, received scholarship of SY, TY and B Tech students but fresh students ie. FY and Direct Second year is pending. Government not transferred funds to Samaj Kalyan
13 Attendance information should be sent monthly All ready practicing
14 Thanks for personal attention to my ward Thanks for appreciation
15 Provide progress report of student monthly by mail or WhatsApp Sending by SMS, not all parents can be active or comfortable with
16 Provide guidance to students after B Tech (Pass out students ) We have group of students, communicating messages regarding placement to them
17 Improve food quality One committee is formed, randomly they are calling faculty from any department for food in hostel mess.
18 Cupboards provided in hostel should have lock and key. It is discussed in hostel committee and considering previous experiences it is decided to bring the key and lock by students. Arrangements for locking is done.
19 Arrange proper companies for internship Yes we are trying
20 Invite reputed companies for placement Companies like Infosys, KSB, TCS, Bharat forge, KPIT, KBL are recruiting the students. Will try to improve
21 Increase lunch time by 15 minutes It is discussed in steering committee meeting and discussion with Dean Academics, due to hectic schedule its difficult. Short break of 15 minutes is provided from 3.55 p.m. to 3.10 p.m.