About R & D Cell

The Research and Development (R&D) cell serves as a hub for promoting and facilitating research, innovation, and technological advancement within the institution. Its primary purpose is to foster a culture of inquiry, exploration, and academic excellence among faculty and students. To strengthen the research culture, RIT makes provision of a separate budget for research and development activities every year. For the previous two years, this budget was Rs. 25 Lakhs per year. This budget is utilized to support best projects undertaken by students and faculties. In addition, RIT provides consultancy services to nearby Industries.

The Cell objective is:- 

  1. Increasing involvement of UG and PG students in developing innovative ideas.
  2. Enhancing industry institute interaction for getting consultancy opportunities.
  3. Filing patents on innovative ideas.
  4. Increasing number of publications in reputed journals.
  5. Commercialization of patented ideas.
  6. Development of entrepreneurial eco-system for start-ups.