Product's Developed

Name of Product: Automatic Curd Maker

Patents: Two patents registered, App. Nos.

1) 2972/MUM/2013   

2) 1455/MUM/2014. One Design Patent granted: App. No. 286267

Salient Features:

  • Four different tartness levels can be set with the help of buttons for curd and batter.
  • Automatic audio and visual indication after curd formation for a set tartness level.
  • It has five modes for operation. Normal mode, Batter fermentation mode, Sweet mode, Timer mode, and Adulterate mode.
  • In adulterate mode, it can detect harmful adulterants in the milk such as Urea, detergent, Ammonium Sulphate, and preservatives during curd formation.
  • Approximate time for curd formation is two and half hours.
  • Automatic adjustment of time for curd formation according to quantity and tartness of culture (ferment) added to the milk.
  • Consistent taste of curd every day.
  • Unique taste curd can be formed with sweet milk.

Brief Description of Product: This product is useful for making good quality curd every day with desired tartness level. It also detects harmful adulterants in the milk during curd formation and gives an indication for the same. A separate mode is given for making sweet curd. It gives audio and visual indications after curd formation. 

R D Product CurdMaker

Name of Product: PIR Motion Sensor Based Long Range Occupancy Detection System

Salient Features:

  • Maximum detection range of humans- 110 feet at 27 degrees Celsius
  • Field of view- 140 degree
  • Highly sensitive for a smaller range up to 30 feet- Small body movement is possible to detect. Such sensitivity is not possible with the available sensors in the market.
  • It is highly immune to electromagnetic interference.
  • Possible to detect small hand and finger movements while working on a keyboard within 10 feet of distance.
  • Can detect very small body movement while sleeping within 15 feet of distance.
  • It has a light sensor to detect day and night.
  • Load capacity- As per the need of the customer, it can be customized. (Typical 1.5 kW and can be increased to a large extent) 

Brief Description of Product: This product is useful for saving electricity when classrooms, corridors, and washrooms are not occupied by human beings. It automatically switches ON connected AC appliances such as lighting devices or cooling fans when human motion is sensed in the detection zone. It automatically switches OFF connected devices when the detection zone is not occupied by human beings.


Name of Product: Dual Channel Linear Regulated DC Power Supply

Salient Features:

  • Output Voltage- Adjustable from 0 to 30 V.
  • Load Current- 0 to 2 A.
  • Excellent Load Regulation less than 40 mV.
  • Simultaneous Indication of Load Voltage, Load Current, and the Current limit on the LCD display.
  • Beep and visual indication of excess and short circuit current on display.
  • Excellent protection against continuous short circuit.
  • Smart heat management system in controlling devices for longer operating life, more than 5 years.
  • Cooling fan is switched on only if controlling devices heat up.
  • Constant Voltage(CV) and Constant Current (CC) modes.

Brief Description of Product: This product is useful for conducting laboratory experiments in Electrical, Electronics, Instrumentation, and other allied branches of Engineering. It is also useful in R&D laboratories.


Name of Product: Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

Salient Features:

  • The obstacle sensor sends a signal to the system automatically on detection of hands and a controlled amount of sanitizer is dispensed to hands.
  • Sanitizer quantity to be dispensed is adjustable with the quantity control knob
  • Storage Capacity: The system is connected to storage tanks of 1/2/5/8 liters capacity. The storage volume can be changed as per the need.

Brief Description of Product: This product is useful for dispensing a controlled amount of sanitizer automatically. The presence of hands is sensed by IR based obstacle sensor. The developed IR sensor operates reliably in indoor and outdoor applications without any false triggering.


Name of Product: Programmable Ringing Bell

Salient Features:

  • Total 36 different time events can be programmed.
  • It does not give false triggering due to electromagnetic Interference

Brief Description of Product: This product is useful for schools and colleges for automatically ringing the Gong Bell at the end of every lecture or recess. It does not give false triggering due to electromagnetic interference. Total 36 different time events can be programmed.


Name of Product: Automatic Water Level Control System

Salient Features:

  • Motor is automatically switched ON when the water level in the overhead tank falls below 60%.
  • Motor is automatically switched OFF when the overhead tank becomes full.
  • Indication of water level and AC voltage on LCD display.
  • Input water detection.
  • Dry run detection.
  • Fully automatic, no manual operation is needed.
  • Developed two separate models for Non-Submersible and Submersible motors.
  • Approximate life of the product- 5 to 7 years.

Brief Description of Product: Two separate Automatic water level control systems for Non-Submersible and Submersible motors have been developed. The system is capable of sensing both running and stagnant water. The developed signal conditioning circuit does not cause electrolysis of electrodes giving more than five years of operating life.


Name of Product: Tesla IoT Board and PIC Development Board

Salient Features of Tesla IoT Board:

  • It has an ESP8266 WiFi chip and different onboard sensors like Temperature, Light, and magnetic field.
  • It has two onboard relays for controlling AC appliances.
  • It has an onboard buzzer, LCD setup, and motor driver module.
  • Students can quickly learn and implement IoT projects in less time using this board.

Salient Features of PIC Development Board:

  • It has an integrated motor driver and LCD display Socket.
  • Four onboard LEDs for experimentation.
  • Onboard 3.3 V, 5V and 12V supplies are available.

Brief Description of Products: These products are useful for students in Electronics, Computer, and Electrical Engineering for quick learning and development of IoT projects and PIC Microcontroller concepts in less time. This board has different sensors and relays for parameter measurement and control using IoT.


Name of Product: IoT Based Water Level Control System

Salient Features:

  • Motor is automatically switched ON when the water level in the overhead tank falls below 60%.
  • Motor is automatically switched OFF when the overhead tank becomes full.
  • Water level of multiple tanks can be checked through the Mobile app.
  • Multiple water pumps/Solenoidal Valves can be controlled through a Mobile app.
  • Industry-grade cloud integration using AWS IoT.
  • Indication of water level on LCD display.
  • Input water as well as dry run detection.
  • Auto/manual mode selection through the Mobile app.
  • Approximate Life of the product: 5 to 7 years.

Brief Description of Product: The real-time water level of multiple tanks can be monitored through one mobile application. Industry preferred AWS IoT is used for data communication between systems and Mobile app. Also, Multiple water pumps/Solenoidal Valves can be controlled through a Mobile app.


Name of Product: Biodegradable Plastic Packaging Manufacturing

Details of Funding: Rs. 53.6 Lacs sanctioned from Rajiv Gandhi Science and Technology Commission, Mumbai in 2020.

Salient Features:

  • 20% higher productivity.
  • Low-Carbon Footprint Process
  • More than 50% renewable content
  • Biodegradable within 180 days

Brief Description of Product: To tackle the problem of plastic packaging waste, our team is developing a low-cost, low-GHG compostable plastic and its manufacturing process. We have developed a starch-based material to be used for flexible retail packaging such as carry bags, garbage bags, and industrial packaging. Our unique manufacturing method and material increase 20% unit production per kg of material while also reducing energy consumption. The research is being done in collaboration with a startup by college alumni to convert it into a commercial product.

 Bio deg

Name of Product: PLC Actuator Interface Card

Salient Features:

  • Adjustable load current limit.
  • Developed in 8 channels and 4 channels.
  • Separate short circuit protection and fault indication for individual channels.
  • Output voltage is cut off on detection of short circuit.
  • Strong immune against electrical interference.
  • Voltage polarity protection.
  • Strong isolation between input and output using a reliable optocoupler.
  • Input signal: Works on AC input, that is on both positive and negative control signals.

Brief Description of Product: This product is useful for controlling actuators like pneumatic valves, solenoidal valves, Servo motors, DC motors, etc. in industrial automation. It takes the input signal from PLC and controls the output load accordingly. It has short circuit protection and fault indication for individual channels. It is useful in automation using PLC. It is the interface card between PLC and actuators.


Name of Product: Leakage Testing Machine for Insulator Bushings

Details of Funding: Received Rs. 1,43,000 from Unity PF, Sangli.

  • Salient Features:
  • Previous operation was manual and require more skilled manpower
  • Current Machine give 4 times more productivity and reduced cycle time
  • Unskilled labor can be used as operator

Brief Description of Product: Special purpose machine made to leak test the insulator bushings. Previously the leak test was conducted manually and time taken for single part to test was large. The machine is automatic has more productivity and no skilled labor involvement. Using this machine any variety of job can be leak tested. At a time 4 jobs can be tested. Machine is available in manual and at auto mode.


Name of Product: Automatic Bottle Filling Machine

Details of Funding: Received Rs. 1,29,000 from Kirloskar Corrocoat Pvt. Ltd. Kirloskarwadi

Salient Features:

  • Machine helps to fill chemical in a bottle at variable quantity with an accuracy of +/- 5 ml
  • Chemical like MEKP is used for filling which is highly inflammable.
  • Machine has increased productivity which reduced the number of operators from 3 to 1

Brief Description of Product: The machine is automatic which helps to fill chemical inside the bottle to the desired amount. The accuracy of the machine is +/-5 ml. As the chemical is very inflammable, the machine has a flameproof enclosure. The material used in the machine is all corrosion-proof.


Name of Product: Solar Tank Coating Machine

Details of Funding: Received Rs. 2,50,000 from Kirloskar Corrocoat Pvt. Ltd. Kirloskarwadi

Salient Features:

  • The machine helps to coat the tank from the inside surface using the wetting method
  • Enclosures of the tank are coated by tilting the frame at respective angles
  • Capable of coating 5 tanks at a time of variable length and diameter
  • Productivity has increased by reducing the labor cost

Brief Description of Product: The machine is designed to coat the solar tank from the inside by the wetting method. The coating material is inserted into the tank and rotated at 50 RPM. As the tank rotates, the coating material wets the tank from inside. The enclosures are coated by tilting the rotating tank at an angle.


Name of Product: Electric Trolley for Patient

Details of Funding: Received Rs. 2,97,000 from Krishna Institute of Medical Science, Karad

Salient Features:

  • Trolley is designed considering rolling friction, slope, and starting acceleration
  • Linear speed of 5 Km/hr which is the walking speed of a human being
  • BLDC motor is of 2.5 KW power, 3500 RPM speed, Gear Box Ratio-36

Brief Description of Product: The trolley is developed to reduce the effort of an operator who was previously pushing the trolley on ramps. The maximum angle of the hospital ramp is about 20 degrees. The power given by 2500 Watt BLDC motor is sufficient to climb the stiff slope. The caster wheel at the rear helps it to steer to either side.


Name of Product: Automatic Electronics Inauguration Lamp

Salient Features:

  • It is automatic and sensor-based. Candle bulbs are switched ON by taking a sensor stick near to them.
  • It does not require conventional wick and oil.
  • It operates on both AC supply and battery. Battery backup time is two hours.

Brief Description of Product: This product is used as a lighting lamp in the inaugural ceremony of different types of events. It does not require conventional wick and oil as it operates on electricity. It is not affected by air movement and can be used indoor as well as outdoor.   


Name of Product: IoT Based Saline Monitoring and Control System

Patents: App. Nos. : 1) 201921005233  2) 201923051203

Salient Features:

  • Real-Time indication of saline flow rate in ml/minute and drops per minute
  • Gives alert when the flow rate exceeds or falls below the set threshold.
  • Gives alert before emptying the saline bottle.
  • Pinches IV pipe just before IV bottle gets emptied and prevents reverse blood flow from patient’s body to IV pipe.
  • Real-Time indication of the amount of saline left in the bottle.
  • The same system is useful for different saline fluids including blood.
  • Above parameters can be remotely monitored in Mobile App or Desktop App for multiple patients simultaneously.
  • No contamination of IV fluid as there is no direct contact between fluid and system components.
  • It has embedded with the Nurse calling system. 

Brief Description of Product: his product is useful to hospitals for the effective administration of IV fluids and blood to patients. It is possible to monitor the saline level of multiple patients remotely using the android application or desktop application. The pinching mechanism in the system prevents reverse blood flow from the patient wrist to the IV pipe on emptying the saline bottle.


Name of Product: Silo Pack Silage Making Machine

Salient Features:

  • Complete automation of the silage-making process.
  • Typical standalone automatic fodder making machine.
  • Sustainable solution for green fodder preservation.

Brief Description of Product: The proposed machine is designed to work with a capacity of 50 Tons of Maize silage and 30 to 40 tons of sugar cane silage per day. An average yield of silage per acre is about 15 to 20 tons. Hence proposed machine will harvest and process 3 to 5 acres of land every day. This will directly benefit a group of farmers during seasonal harvesting. A typical village in Kolhapur district has around 2000 to 2500 cattle population. In this scenario, the proposed machine is sufficient to complete the need of processing green fodder for an entire village.


Name of Product: Contactless Proximity Switch

Details of Funding: Developed through seed funding scheme (Rs. 10,000/-).

Salient Features:

  • Operated by the proximity of finger. Hence there is no possibility of germ transfer from person to person,
  • No possibility of receiving shock even if hands are wet.
  • Suitable to use in Washrooms, hotels, food industry, etc.

Brief Description of Product: This product is useful for operating AC electrical appliances such as lighting devices, fans, etc by the proximity of fingers. By taking the finger closer to the sensor area connected devices are switched ON or OFF.  The appliances are switched ON and OFF by proximity of the finger, so there is no possibility of germs transfer which happens in traditional switches.


Name of Product:  Bhel (Snack) Vending Machine

Patent Details:  App. No: 201621033974   Filing Year: 2016

Details of Funding/Award/Achievement:

  • Rs. 110000/- seed funding by RIT
  • First prize in Project Competition Quantum2k17 organized by RIT supported by BFL Pune (Certificate & Cash prize of Rs. 5000/-)

Salient Features:

  • The machine makes the bhel making process semi-automatic and more hygienic.
  • The machine can prepare 10 dishes of bhel within just 8 seconds maintaining the same taste. To serve tasty and fast bhel, the machine is very useful.
  • The machine is easy to operate. Hence anyone can start a business of selling bhel with this machine.
  • It can be made commercially available at the price of Rs. 45000/- which is affordable to small snack centers at gardens, hospitals, Malls, Food Courts, Cafeterias, and College Canteens etc.

Brief Description of Product: In manual Bhel making process an operator may commit some mistakes like degradation in taste and quality, delay in service and unhygienic. This problem can be solved by providing such a machine that works faster and can serve more people as compared to conventional Bhel makers. This machine is a semi-automatic type of machine which is basically a combination of mechanical and electronic systems. The mechanical assembly consist boxes, hopper, mixing pot and blade controlled with electronic circuits using linear electric actuators, solenoid valves and microcontrollers.


Name of Product: Floor Cleaning Machine

Patent: Filed patent,  App. No. 202221016077

Salient Features:

  • Single unit is capable to do dusting, mopping, absorbing, soaking, and U.V disinfection operations.
  • Machine has two cleaning modes, steam cleaning, and normal water cleaning & Machine operates in manual as well as automatic mode.
  • Lightweight & low vibration design of the machine ensures a smooth user experience.
  • It reduces 80 % of water consumption and 50 % of electricity consumption & with no use of harmful chemicals.
  • Machine having smart safety features. Gives alert through indication of LED’s, Buzzers, and Display during various operations.

Brief Description of Product: A machine is able to do multiple operations like dusting, mopping, absorbing, soaking, and U.V disinfection. Operates in manual and automatic mode. The developed machine gives high efficiency with smart safety features. This advanced floor cleaning Machine is useful for large public areas like hospitals, pharma industry, food industries, malls, marriage halls, temples, mega kitchens, airports, railway stations, schools, colleges, and warehouses.


Name of Product:  Cricket Ball Throwing Machine

Salient Features:

  • Automation of ball delivery machine with all type of deliveries viz. in-swing, out-swing, off-spin, leg-spin, Yorker, bouncer, good length and short length etc.
  • The batsman can practice against the spin as well as fast ball deliveries with the speed ranges from 90 kmph to 150 kmph.
  • Sufficient ball storage capacity with automatic feeding mechanism.
  • It can be made commercially available at the price of Rs. 75000/- which is affordable to small coaching Institutes, schools and colleges.
  • The machine is easy to operate. No extra human being is required to operate the machine.

Brief Description of Product: The ball throwing machine acts as a net practice bowler that enables batsmen to develop specific batting skills. The developed machine comprises rotating wheels, a pin and lock tilting mechanism, and storing rack. By adjusting wheel speed and inclination of mechanism the desired delivery like spin or swing etc. can be achieved. The two BLDC motors with the capacity of 3000 rpm 24 volts and low weight of 1.8 kg each are used to rotate the wheels. The auto ball feeder is an attachment to the ball throwing mechanism, that can store 36 balls at a time and deliver on set time. This enable batsman to practice for specific delivery.


Name of Product: Electric mobility device for short-range personal transportation

Salient Features:

  • Electric powered three-wheeled low cost mobility device
  • Uses hub motor and 48V, 26Ah Li-ion battery
  • Intended for short-range mobility like in-campus/airport/patrolling transportation

Brief Description of Product: e prototype is intended to offer a green mobility solution for short-range personal transportation. It uses a 0.35 kW BLDC electric motor for traction and 48V, 26Ah Li-ion battery as energy storage device. It could reach the maximum speed of 30 kmph and ascend a gradient of 100 with a single person riding. The range offered is around 40 kms and is typically function of type and capacity of the battery. The prototype costs around INR 16000/- excluding the battery.


Name of Product: Programmable Liquid Mixing System

Salient Features:

  • Five Different types of Liquids can be mixed according to a set quantity through the control panel. A number of liquids can be customized.
  • High accuracy flow sensors are used for precise measurement of liquid quantity.
  • This system is useful in applications where different types of liquids are to be mixed in the desired proportion.

Brief Description of Product: This product is useful for mixing different types of liquids in the desired proportion. It gives good repeatability in mixing the different types of liquids. Different combinations of liquid mixtures can be programmed and selected as per need.