Responsibilities of NRiT TBI

NRiT RIT-TBI Support:

  • Mentorship

The incubator is having pool of Mentors in different sectors for providing the guidance to incubated start-ups. The service really helping to start-ups to grow from ideation to successful product commercialization.  We have pool of mentors from Local Industry and Academia to help start-ups at different levels. Our incubator is supporting to start-ups with more than 10 mentors from different sectors. Now all the mentors are supporting to 34 Ideas selected through Ideathon.

  • Pre incubation & Incubation Support

NRiT RIT-TBI helps start-up companies by providing various services like management guidance, assistance in various services, consulting to young growing companies and promote the concept of growth through innovation and technology.

Business incubation is support provided to start-up enterprises through the delivery of technical mentorship and entrepreneurship eco-system with the aim of improving their chance of survival in the early phase of the life span and establishing their later intensive growth. All alumni students, budding entrepreneurs in western Maharashtra region are encouraged to take advantage of TBI.

  • Product Development

With constant efforts from last 2 years, Incubator team could able to create the culture of product development in Campus through various initiatives like Idea to Product development and research to product development. We are collaboratively working with institutes R & D department and commercialized 6 products in market. In this product development culture, we are involving the students from first year to last year so that they can experience the whole cycle of product development and with this culture 2 start-ups have their own product and is under commercialization.

  • Fabrication Facilitation

As shown in photos, we have created 2100 Sq. ft. Thinkering Lab with Mechanical and Electronics/Computing facilities as well as components to build the products.

  • IP Support

Incubator is working in collaboration with Institutes Research and Development Cell is established to promote research activities at Rajarambapu Institute of Technology;

  • Objectives:
    • Monitor and administer Research programs for Faculty, Students & Industries to undertake quality research.
    • Product Commercialisation.
    • Other research related activities.
    • Promotion of IPR.
    • To conduct idea presentation for SEED funding.
  • R & D Policy:
    • Best Researcher Award Policy.
    • Guidelines for Organizing Workshops / Seminars / Conference.
    • Idea Competition UG and PG.
    • R & D Policy for Faculty and Students.
    • R & D Policy for Students.
    • Intellectual Property Policy.
  • Financial Support (SEED Funding)

We have supported for seed funding through government scheme and through Institute seed support. Six start-ups have received the grants of Rs.2 Lakh each. However, we are looking forward for next level seed funding from MSiNS.