Best Practices


Best User of the library:

To motivate the students to make the efficient use of the library and its services, the ‘Best Library User Award’ has been started from 2017-2018. One students & Faculty are selected, on the basis of the statistical data, accession of books, reading aptitude of the student, utilization of library resources, discipline, and the review of the Library Advisory committee. Every year this Award conferred on the occasion of Annual Recognition Day/ Engineer’s Day.

Library Best User Award

Academic Year Name of the Best User Designation Department
2022-23 Prof. Mrs. Pratibha A. Jagtap (E00313) Faculty Management Studies
2022-23 Rajat Ramesh Rasankar (2165010) Student Mechatronics
2021-22 Prof. Suryawanshi Aniket T. (E00741) Faculty Automobile
2021-22 Patil Digvijay Avinash (2056003) – B.Tech Student Mechanical
2020-21 Prof. Shah Abhijeet Prakash (E00201) Faculty Mechanical
2020-21 Patil Sayali jayawant (1851014) – B.Tech Student Automobile
2019-20 Prof. Kumbhar Sachine Shivaji ( E00922) Faculty Electrical
2019-20 Kharat Pranali Rajendra  (1601014)- B.Tech Student Automobile
2018-19 Prof. Patil Ashwini B. (E00177) Faculty CSIT
2018-19 Patil Nikita Vijay (1608002) Student Electrical
2017-18 Prof. Mane Shirish Subhas (E00920) Faculty Automobile
2017-18 Patil Nikita Vijay (1608002) Student Electrical