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Head of Department

Information Technology (IT) is always driven by the demands of the new & competitive business environment.Organizations look to maximize their productivity with the use of the applications built by IT Professionals retaining societal concerns.It gives me immense pleasure to lead the Department of Information Technology. The foremost motto of our department is to provide quality technical education to our students, promising them to become successful IT Professionals.

With effective teaching & learning practices, we make students focus on core domain areas of computing,programming, analytical skills and soft skills. By Inculcating, strong research & innovation skills we strive on making students equipped to benefit the business world with Information Technology (IT). From the academic year 2017-18, we have initiated Choice-Based Curriculum Structure (CBCS), which has provided more flexibility to students for selecting core as well as preferred courses enhancing their multidisciplinary skills. To successfully implement this structure we have qualified and dedicated faculties who train students in basic & advanced areas like Big Data, Machine Learning, Cloud computing, Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence etc. With strong engagement in research and innovation and effective use of ICT, we have developed the center of excellence in areas of Machine Learning, IoT, Android application development and Cyber Security.Industry experts are invited for member of Board of Studies & Advisory committee, training programs and workshops. Industry MoUs has helped us in coping up with the need for industries that resulted in growth ofplacements and internships in reputed companies. Faculties &students have achieved success in various competitions atstate and national level.

I am confident that our department students & faculties would be an asset to the industry and useful for society through their technical and managerial capabilities. 


Dr. A. C. Adamuthe

Head, Department of Inforamtion Technology

About Information Technology

The Department of Information Technology was started in the year 2001 with the intake of 60 students. From year 2019-20 department has offering B. Tech. in Computer Science & Information Technology. The department has got two years of Accreditation by NBA (National Board of Accreditation) in the academic year 2013-14. Our training & placement department works hard to make students liable to face interviews. Due to this efforts last three year’s placement is more than 9.. more

  • 60

    B.Tech (Intake)

Our Vision

To become a prominent department of Information Technology producing competent IT professionals with research and innovation skills, inculcating moral values and societal concerns.

Our Mission

  • To offer high quality education through state of art curriculum and innovative teaching & learning practices.

  • To establish state of art laboratories and center of excellence in the field of technology.

  • To adopt professional practice, standards and values.

  • To inculcate problem solving aptitude in graduates with lifelong learning skills to become valuable resource for IT industry and society.

  • To create, share, and apply knowledge in Computer Science and Information Technology, including in interdisciplinary areas that extend the scope of Computer Science and Information Technology to benefit society.

Upcoming Events

16 Mar
WebMinds : Empowering Futures through Student & Faculty Development in Web Development

The Department of Information Technology, RIT Rajaramnagar has organized a One day STTP on “WebMinds : Empowering Futures through Student & Faculty Development in Web Development”, on 16th March 2024 under the lead college scheme of Shivaji University Kolhapur.         The program offers comprehensive insights into the fundamentals of website and web application development. Participants delve into coding essentials with HTML, the backbone of web content creation. Through CSS, they master the art of styling, ensuring visually appealing and engaging web interfaces. Moreover, attendees learn to craft responsive web pages proficiently utilizing Bootstrap, a powerful framework for enhancing user experience across devices. Additionally, the STTP emphasizes the creation of interactive web content using JavaScript, empowering participants to add dynamic functionalities and enhance user engagement. Furthermore, the program covers Docker utilization for streamlined development workflows and efficient deployment, ensuring seamless hosting of web applications for widespread accessibility. Date    : 16th March 2024 Timing : 10:00 am to 5:00 pm Mode   : offline Fees    : Free for students from Lead College (including certificate).   Venue  : IT Department, RIT Rajaramnagar Link for Lead-college student’s registration: Participants are requested to fill the registration and upload it in the given link         https://forms.gle/Vddnmsi4Gde71Aic9 Contact (Registration & Queries): ·  Mr. A. D. Homkar - Information Technology Department (8275278587)

01 Mar
Writing Effective Research Paper and Funding Proposals

Department of Information Technology has organized Two Days STTP on “Writing Effective Research Paper and Funding Proposals” In association with IEEE and ISTE and Lead College Scheme of Shivaji University, for faculty and students on 1st and 2nd March 2024.      The primary goal of STTP was to inculcate the participants about mindset necessary to become researchers and produce quality research papers. Topics including the fundamental structure of a strong research article, the significance of conducting a literature review, and the appropriate way to conduct one are covered in this session. The participants were given guidance on the significance of choosing a journal carefully in order to publish your research work. t also offers a thorough and well-structured learning environment, with a focus on writing proposals, obtaining financing for research, and related topics. Resource Person Details : 1. Dr. A. C. Adamuthe (IT Dept,RIT) 2. Dr. A. G. Desabale (Mech. Dept., RIT) 3. Dr. S. D. Patil (Mech. Dept., RIT) 4. Dr. A. J. Umbarkar (WCE, Sangali)