About Cultural Cell


  • To provide cultural based trainings through different clubs for overall development of the students
  • To participate in University Youth Festival and different cultural events
  • To organize Annual Cultural program ‘Virangula’ in the institute
  • To publish Annual Magazine of the institute – ‘Vishwakarma’


Drama Club To develop overall personality of students To inculcate and sustain the social and national values along with development of various dramatic skills among students
Music Club To conduct different musical classes:
  • Singing
  • Tabla
  • Guitar Classes
Dance Club

To conduct training on different dance styles:

  • Bollywood
  • Hip hop
  • Freestyle
  • Locking
  • Folk
Abstract Arts Club To nurture hobbies of students in arts & to achieve higher standards in arts. To learn professional qualities in arts by process of group learning.


S. N. Name of Faculty Category Designation
1 Dr. Lalitkumar M. Jugulkar Dean, Student Development Facilitator
2 Dr. Ramchandra . G. Desavale Faculty Member Head, Cultural Department
3 Mr. Prakash M. Jadhav Faculty Member Faculty Advisor (Drama Club)
4 Mr. Shrikant S. Karanjkar Faculty Member Faculty Coordinator, Cultural Department & MBA Dept. Coordinator
5 Mr. Akshay M. Kulkarni Faculty Member Diploma Representative
6 Mr. Ganesh B. Patil Faculty Member Faculty Mentor (Music Club) & CS IT Dept. Coordinator
7 Mr. Mayur M. Maske Faculty Member Faculty Mentor (Abstract Arts Club) & Civil Dept. Coordinator
8 Mr. Amrut Kulkarni Faculty Member Faculty Mentor (Dance Club) & Elect. Dept. Coordinator
9 Ms. Dipali I. Ghatage Faculty Member CSE Dept. Coordinator
10 Mrs. Snehal S. Pol Faculty Member CSE (AI & ML) Dept. Coordinator
11 Mrs. Snehal R. Watharkar Faculty Member ETC Dept. Coordinator
12 Mr. Aniket B. Pawar Faculty Member Mech. Dept. Coordinator
13 Dr. Prashant S. Jadhav Faculty Member Mech. Dept. Coordinator
14 Dr. Shailaja Mohite Faculty Member Mechatronics Dept. Coordinator
15 Mrs. Sanmati Bedage Faculty Member S & H Dept. Coordinator
16 Mr. Avadhut Kundale Faculty Member Management Studies
17 Mr. Deepak A. Sawant Non-Teaching Staff Electrical Dept.
Diploma Cultural Cell
S. N. Name of Faculty Category Designation
1 Mr. Akshay Kulkarni Faculty Member Student Development Coordinator
2 Ms. Ankita Jadhav Faculty Member Diploma Cultural Coordinator
3 Mr. Pravin Desai Faculty Member Auto. Dept. Coordinator
4 Mr. Ajit Kadam Faculty Member Civil Dept. Coordinator
5 Ms. Vaishnavi Waydande Faculty Member Computer Hardware Maintenance Coordinator
6 Mr. Sushant More Faculty Member Elect. Dept. Coordinator
7 Mrs. Sarita Salunkhe Faculty Member S & H Dept. Coordinator

Students Coordinators Committee 2023-24

S. N. Club Name of Students Coordinator Class Mob. No. Email Id
1 Drama Club (Nautanki Club) Abhishek Sanjay Pawar TY B. Tech. CS-IT 8530543224 2110018@ritindia.edu
2 Shreya Lalaso Mane TY B. Tech. ETC 9307695527 2105011@ritindia.edu
3 Music Club (Singing) Gandhar Surendra Jadhav SY B. Tech. ETC 8177870276 2105070@ritindia.edu
4 Sayali Babaso Mane Patil Mgt. Studies 9322076793 2145009@ritindia.edu
5 Music Club (Tabala) Rajvardhan Vittal Shinde TY B. Tech. CSE 9405659672 2103078@ritindia.edu
6 Music Club (Guitar) Vishal Shivaji Khavare TY B. Tech. CSE 9921246215 2103064@ritindia.edu
7 Shoeb Abdulrashid Mulani TY B. Tech. Mechanical 9665408934 2106041@ritindia.edu
8 Dance Club Shravani Kasar TY B. Tech. ETC 7410131947
9 Pradip Mali SY B. Tech. CSE 8767141844  
10 Gaurav Mane Mgt. Studies 8767365023  
11 Abstract Arts Club Viraj Sardar Surve Mgt. Studies 8010397177 2245052@ritindia.edu
12 Vaishnavi Abhay Chandavale SY B. Tech. 9028029091 2217021@ritindia.edu